A Call to Arms: Star Fleet Version 1.2 Deluxe - in the wild


My latest batch of ADB books arrived today, which includes a print copy of A Call to Arms: Star Fleet Version 1.2 Deluxe Edition:


There's also a large print edition each of Captain's Log #50 and Captain's Log #51; the CL50 and CL51 Supplemental Files; and the Star Fleet Battles Klingon Master Starship Book.


Does anyone else have have a copy of the new print book yet? And if so, what are your thoughts on it so far?


Cosmic Mongoose
Still waiting to support my local game store if and when they get it but I have my PDF in a notebook for now. Bought #49, 50 and 51. Things are slow and I made a counter for the Moray eel until I can afford the mini so that's my solo game until my buddy is out of the hospital in a few weeks.

I'm rarin'!