Average Age of OGL Steampunk Players?

How Old Are OGL Steampunk Players

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Up until today I had been running two OGL Steampunk games a week, today the younger group (c. 14 year olds) officially broke up in favor of World of Warcraft.

They seemed to like running around blowing things up, but not focusing on the plotline. They didn't touch the Amazing Machine rules at all.

Meanwhile my older group (30+ years.) continues playing just fine. They have only this week started playing around with the Amazing Machines, now that they are fifth level.

So I was wondering, how old is the general audience for OGL Steampunk? Is this a game intended primarily for people in their 20s, their 30s, or for old fogeys like me? And if you have comments about how often the players use the Amazing Machine rules, or if they prefer being handed premade equipment feel free to chime in. :)

The Auld Grump
Well, I voted, but I'm not sure if mine is the feedback you are looking for.

Technically, I have not started my OGL Steampunk campaign yet.

For what it's worth, I am 29 and will be 30 in a few weeks.

My players range in age from 20 to 27.

I have two players that are aged 23-24. They form the group faction that wants to blow things up and they ignore the plot.

Interestingly, the 20-year-old (who I've mentored in RPGs since age 12) and the 27-year-old (my wife) form the faction that in deeply involved with the plot and is largely unconcerned with combat.

Granted, this could simply mean that I have a varied group. Yay,me!

Hope that helps.

I've got the same demographics here. I'm barely 30 myself, and my party ranges from 21-27, and the younger ones are of the over-mature for thier age variety as well. I've got an even mix of ones who are already scouring the internet and other sources for amazing machine concepts and mapping out the time and resources needed (we don't start play for a few more days yet) and the others who prefer to have a maul and hit things and one psychic (I've never seen him play anything else, no matter the system)

Overall I think this is a normal progression. 100 years ago folks were done with childish behaviors and irresponsibility by 12-15, they had to be, life was shorter and work was harder. Now people aren't completing school until 22-25, marrying around the same age, and not really settling down thier behavior until close to 30, which in short means not sitting at a table for more than 20 minutes unless there is something shiny there :roll:
Age: 33

Let me just say I have been playing RPG's since I was about 12, and I have ALOT of them, all sorts of rules systems. Steampunk has me excited again about coming up with all sorts of characters, creatures and scenarios. There's no official background, so it leaves it wide open for ideas.
The group I usually play with ranges in age from 25 to 38, and they enjoy it alot too. Some have said it is a nice break from the usual fantasy fare, but familiar enough to get into.
TheAuldGrump said:
Wow, so far I seem to be the only person older than 40...

The Auld Grump, playing RPGs since 1975

Hmph... I don't know what happened to my vote, but I'm over 40 too.

You've been gaming longer than me though. I started in '79.