Some of the books I have recently acquired for the Slaine line mention Atlantis. Can a die-hard Slaine fan (esp. of the comics) help to fill me in on some details on its relation to the Tribes of Danu in the RPG. I'm gonna assume that the Slaine Atlantis is completely different than R. E. Howard's. Thanks in advance.
alantis has fallen but the books of invasions has them lead by the formorrians against the tribes of the goddess their leader was a eygptian princess called scota from whom the scota tribe came which latter named scotland the books of invasion are dark and wonderful and welll worth buying the omnibus editions which are out now.

the slaine books are full of referances to alantis but very differand from conan above is a general outline what details are you after 8)
Thanks, Tooty.
Sadly the Slaine comic-books are nigh impossible to get here in the US. :cry: :evil:
I'm familiar with some of the original source lit. as the Book of Invasions Lebor Gabala Eirinn (sp?) and the Tain. 8)

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