Just found this on one of the d20 shopping sites:

"Atlantis: The Second Age is a complete and comprehensive setting that can easily be adapted to most popular fantasy roleplaying games. Designed as a stand alone game using the Omni System, coversion guidelines will also be provided for both the d20 and True20 game systems. Within, players and gamemasters will find all that they need to run a campaign in the legendary Second Age of Atlantis, including an atlas of Antidiluvian Earth, regional maps, city maps and guides and a compendium of creatures, races, animals and various pantheons of Gods and Goddesses. Based on the classic Atlantean Trilogy by Bard Games, Atlantis: The Second Age expands greatly on this already detailed world including highly detailed rules on alchemy, windships, ley lines and other magic-tech.
Set in the mythic past of our own world, players can take on the roles of Atlantean Alchemists, Khem Priests (proto-ancient Egypt), Khitaen Astrologer s(proto-China), HEsperian Amazon warriors, winged Zephyr scouts, Goblin assassins and a near limitless variety of other character types. The Omni System was originally derived from the critically acclaimed Talislanta 4th Edition system but adds new and flexible rules including a highly customizable character generation system. If you are looking for a rules-lite sword & sorcery system with about as detailed a setting as you can imagine, then Atlantis: The Second Age is for you.

I think this setting will be the closest and easiest to translate into the Kull setting. It is listed as a November pre-order so let me know if and when someone gets their hands on it.


Deathdealer said:
Have you ever read the Kull stories? Somehow I don't think so because that sounds nothing like them.

Why not just use the basics of the Conan system slightly tailored to fit the Kull setting?

Read the Kull stories, and check out this website for some useful materials.

I have read every Kull story including all of the Marvel stories as well. Kull stories had a distinct flavor of sorcery common to all of them that IMHO far exceeded that of Hyboria. Apparently, you have not. You can define that any way you would like. I plan to use elements of this to recreate long, lost Atlantis. Spells and Sorcery will be far more common. Hyboria is the remnants of that lost age after a major cataclysm. The cataclysm destroyed much that was the land of Atlantis including many of the magical creatures that once roamed the lands. Most of the "monsters" in Hyboria are endangered survivors of that time. So, obviously, magical creatures and monsters were a part of that time frame. Keep in mind that there is far less materials written on Atlantis compared to Hyboria. It covered a small geographical section of that world.

That gives DM's full creativity in using their imaginations in expanding the world. As far as comparisions to Kull, how about these?:

City of Atlantis
Gandwana (Black Kingdoms)

Any of these ring a bell???? 'Nuff said?

Granted, it is not a perfect re-creation and much work may need to be done, but for those interested in adventuring in the world of Kull and using the Conan rules, this sounds like the best starting point that I have found. Again, Mongoose does not have the license to Kull (not yet at least :wink:). Hopefully, they will at some point but, again, the worlds would be much different and I don't think the magic system would suffice.

Obviously we will have to agree to disagree.

I don't see the Kull stories as being all that magic rich. The magic is different, but it is not central. I am not taking the comics into account, but then I don't take the Conan comics into account when I think about Conan either.

To say that because Howard did not fill in all the blanks gives someone carte blanche to fill them in however they want to is a recipe for a very un-Howardian world.
High Lord Dee said:
Just found this on one of the d20 shopping sites:

"Atlantis: The Second Age"

I did some artwork for that book (the picture of the succubus).

Weren't the Kull stories set in Valusia (on the Thurian mainland), and wasn't Atlantis barbaric during the time of Kull's reign? I am pretty sure Kull was a barbarian from Atlantis, so I don't think any kind of modern conception of Atlantis fits. It certainly does not have a particularly high level of sorcery.

I got a copy at GenCon in Indy this year; while it is good, it is not appropriate to Kull's barbaric Atlantis.
I had recently a discussion on a nearby thread called "Cimmerian sorcery" where I related how the probable civilization of Atlantis was at the time of Kull.
Though that thread might appear off-topic, it is not because Cimmercians are "scions" of Atlanteans.
Again, there is practically no magic in Kull stories and I can't even recall of a single magic spell cast by humans.
Been awhile since I have read the Kull stories but I do believe there were no 'windships'...but there was one in a Conan pastiche used by a Stygian sorcerer from the Black Ring - don't remember the name of the book...
After further review...

Let me re-phrase my point. This new material coming out seems to give you the framework of maps, races, magic, monsters etc. from Atlantis. With that said, I would plan to re-work the bulk of it to fit into a Howard- like world that supports higher use of sorcery than Hyboria.

I will have to go back to the Kull books at a later time but I could support this with a hundred Kull comics that will show that the majority of Kull's enemies are either other races or human sorcerors.

I would be more than happy to purchase a well developed Atlantis setting that was compatible with Conan RPG. Doesn't exist to my knowledge. Again, from what I understand, there are license infringements that restrict Mongoose from doing anything with the Kull books. So with that said, check out the books, make your own decision if they will work for you and share any feedback with the rest of us.

The new Atlantis rpg, other then a few location names, has nothing in common with either Kull or any of the other works of REH.

Here's a couple of links to additional info about the game;

Here is a pdf sampler for the game. It does take a while to download;