Atlantean Edition errata?

Le Loup

Anyone aware of a published errata for the Atlantean Edition? :?:

I've found some typo's already :( and want to know if there's already an 'official' list...
Nothing I have found.

I guess they could publish an errata section (instead of having us re-order the new edition). Hope they do that soon.

In case they don't, do you know how one can re-order?
Drop an email to Mark Humphries ( - you'll need to arrange to send in a clipping of a page number from the back of the existing book (not sure which number, it's been spoken of in the forums a while back) and will then be able to buy the Atlantean Edition at a heavy discount.
I'm talking about an errata for the Atlantean Edition - not the original.

There was an FAQ clarifying/correcting some of the original edition errors (although only some of the gross ones).


Anyone from Mongoose got a comment?
An "atlantean" errata :
The table "DC for swim check" is missing :
cold water DC10
rough water DC15
storm water DC20 (cannot take 10)
MPP for sorcererers is listed as being x2 PP but the example under Obsession shows MPP as being x3 PP.
I have gone along with the x3
as I started this thread I'll add some I've spotted....

P7/col 1-bottom:

"you are encouraged to start by reading th Introduction: Welcome ..."

should be:

"you are encouraged to start by reading the Introduction: Welcome ..."
P41/col 1-bottom:

"gain the Two-Weapon Fighting feat for free"

should be:

"gain the Two-Weapon Combat Proficiency feat for free"
P153/col 2, para 3, line 7:

"... which exceeds the armour's DR of 8."

should be:

"... which exceeds the armour's DR of 9."
P347/character sheet/Languages:

'Bossonian' is missing as a language (NB. this was also the same in the original printing of the Conan RPG).
Page 4: The box is titled "The True Nature of The Hyborian Age" but the first phrase after the title is "Emphatically not."
This is the reply to the title of this box in the 1st edition of Conan (it was: "Is the Hyborian Age a 'Low Magic' or a 'Low Fantasy' setting" instead of "The True Nature of The Hyborian Age"). It has no sense in the Atlantean edition (IMHO or the title must be changed back to the original, or the first phrase must be cancelled).

Page 162, Image "Taking a five-foot feet": I'm pretty sure I saw a post from someone from Mongoose saying that text in the figure about Valeria avoiding an attack of opportunity is wrong, but I haven't bookmarked the post.

Page 310/311: The same text (the entire subchapter "Cobra or Viper" is printed on page 310 (in the main text) and on page 311 (in the box)