Armour Depletion


Are there any rules in Judge Dredd for armour depletion ?

I've looked through the main rulebook but can't seem to find any. Is this simply to avoid making the combat system too complicated ?

My own house rule at the moment is that every time armour is hit and penetrated by a normal or AP round the value of the armour should go down by 1. So after 6 damaging shots a judges armour would be ruined and the judge liable to take more damage until he or she gets it repaired.

This is pretty much in line with the comics as shots which don't penetrate his armour don't really bother Dredd. At times though he's looked pretty beat up as he takes more and more damage, and his armour ends up in pieces.
As far as I know there are not any armour depletion rules, but yours seems like a good house rule to me - maybe add a random factor in there so it doesn't get depleted quite as quickly.

Some hits "penetrate" by virtue of not having hit the padding in the first place - maybe just make it a 50/50 chance of having damaged the armour?