Armor question


Just picked up my copy of Ancients. I can tell I'm going to be happy with it.

However, in the Armor description what is "DA" and where can I find the source material for it?
DA stands for Damage Absorption. It is like Damage Reduction in that the armour stops this amount of damage getting through to the wearer.

However, unlike DR, the damage is taken off the armour's hit points, causing the armour to eventually become useless.
Hey MonkeyBoy. I don't have the book in front of me at the moment but I believe you will find out more about it in the combat section. It's really well done, I just have to wonder if there is going to be too much rolling going on during combat.
Re: Amount of Rolling in combat:

Core d20 -
1 roll 'to hit'
1 roll 'for damage'

Ancients -
1 roll 'to hit' (against passive defense)
1 roll for defender (active defense or shield defense). Note: this can be rolled at the same time as the 'to hit' roll by the attacker - this is just as easy to 'look-up' a defender's AC.
1 roll for damage
1 roll for armor (again, the defender rolls this at the same time as the attacker rolls his damage).

Overall - the attacker has the same amount of rolls. Only with OGL Ancients, the defender now gets to roll (at the same time). While this may take a bit more time - I think the defender (person getting hit) will feel he has a bit more 'control' over his own fate/defense!
Thanks... If I had been a bit more patient I would have found the information I needed a couple of pages over.

Is there some reason that a book of this magnitude did not have an index?