Armies in combat



I do not recall there being any rules in the corebook for how to run a battle between two armies? Did I just miss this?
There are indeed no such rules in the corebook. If you look at the thread "Lone Wolf Fantasy Battles rules" you'll see that we are discussing if Mongoose should publish mass-battles rules.

I saw that thread, but from what I read, I was under the impression that rules for a minis game was being discussed. I'll have to look at it again more closely.
I was under the impression that rules for a minis game was being discussed

Yes, that's exactly the topic.

I seems that I misunderstood your question. :oops:
I thought you were talking about tabletop rules while you really meant rules for mass-battles to use without using minis, right?

There are no such rules. But the idea sounds good. Maybe that's something for the upcoming "Might of Magnamund"?
Mongoose have quite a nice mini-less mass combat system in, I think, The Quintessential Fighter (it is also in the Slaine RPG). I have used it a few times and it sems to work well.
Is planned to release any mass battle system for lone wolf? Anything similar to the one published in the conan downloads section? It would be great ¡
The idea of a miniatures-based system looks like it is being looked at. The Mongoose Open Mass Combat rules should work nicely with any OGL game if you don't want to use miniatures or want to work on a larger scale.