Armageddon Yahoo group ???


I recall there being a discussion a while back regarding the establishment of a Yahoo group (or something similar) for Armageddon where people were talking about posting rules ideas, etc.

I tried following the link from the 20th Century Armour post but get a return saying that the group does not exist. What happened to the group, did it cease to exist, get shutdown or is the link just incorrect ?

Is there any sites out there that anyone is using for house rules, new ides, new meks, etc ?
I think it's a conspiracy.

I just checked the link in a message from the group and got the same response. Not only that but all but one of the mails received from the group have disappeared from my computer and my trash folder has over a years worth of mail.

I know from experience that Yahoo? has lost groups before. They also close accounts, web sites, and groups with little or no justification.
I know one site that was closed for ToS violations. The owner received a warning, stating it would be deleted at a certain time, within minutes if it being sent but all files for the site had already been deleted. The site owner asked them what the violations were but was told that Yahoo? was not required to tell him what the violations were or how they were discovered, they also stated that they were not responsible for any lost files.

I suspect the A:2089 group was either shut down because the owners account was closed or the group got Yahood.

I will try to reestablish the group.
Yeah that's the problem with Yahoo groups, someone will decide that the group about <insert topic here> should just be deleted and there's nothing you can do about it. Some of the groups I've joined have been shut down twice but the people who made the group will keep re-creating the group, it's annoying.
I think it was probably more a case of the person who created the group closing it. Though it is possible that it got Yahooed.

Apparently it all happened sometime between now and early January, as that's the date on the last email I got from the group. Guess I just wasn't paying much attention last time I updated my backup group list.

Shouldn't be too hard to recreate the group, though its a shame all the posts & files went along with the group itself.