2300: Central Asian War and French Medals


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So, I have a question for the 2300 fans out there.
Is there a full narrative of the Central Asian War anywhere? I haven't seen one on Etranger and a web search just turns up tribal spats and PRC atrocities [big surprise there].

Secondary to that, I was considering the type of medals a retired Foreign Legionnaire might have.
The NPC in question is a British native of New Africa on BCV who found it, um, 'politic' to make himself scarce on world. Like many people at loose ends, he joined the Legion. Enlisting in 2280, he was probably involved in the Central Asian War, the insurgency at Elysia on Joi, the German War of Reunification and maybe the first round of combat against the Kaefers on Aurore. At least, that's the list of overt French military campaigns in that time frame.

The French campaign medal has long been the Medaille d' Outre Mer, or the Overseas Medal. This medal is augmented with bar clasps stating the campaigns where one served. For example, a serviceman who was in Indo-China would get the MOM with a 'Tonkin' clasp. During France's 20th Century colonial period, fighting outside of Metropolitan France but within French claims earned a soldier the Medaille d'Outre Mer TOE for 'overseas internal security operations'. This was, in effect, the campaign medal for the Algerian War. Assuming all that remains the same, and given the French love of tradition that's not too far-fetched, it's logical that participants in the Central Asian War would receive the MOM with a 'Asie centrale' clasp.

Building off that, French space force troops and deployed ground troops off-world would likely receive a 'Medaille interstellaire' [Interstellar Medal] with campaign clasps... Veterans of the Elysia campaign might just read '61 Ursae Majoris' or 'Joi' or 'Elysia', depending on how finicky the Minister of War gets with it.

For those even vaguely interested, I've link the French Honors System wiki below which provides the skeleton of this discussion.
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Going through even some old issues of Challenge Magazine. All the Central Asian War is that it happened, leave it up to your players on how to develop what happened where and when with the Central Asian War. Heck, I think most of the 300 years between July of 2000 and the start of the year 2300, is being left up to refs and players to decide what happened when and effectively "Noodle Incident" it when needed.
I agree with Southernap. Let the players develop the history as relates to their background.
Well, I DO appreciate the first-person narratives in the various books. The 'I-Was-There' viewpoints that flesh out the statistics are really what make 2300AD different from the OTU. It's something I've tried to support, both on Facebook with my 'Death of Lutke' fic, but also here while mucking about with Heroforge. I don't imagine myself a writer by any stretch, but I'm good for the odd paragraph here and there.
I asked the Manchurian "The Game" player a little about this some 20-ish years back. He said he made it to "the gates of Moscow" before the French intervened in my recollection. That said, it was 20 years ago talking to someone who played a game nearly 20 years before that...