Armageddon supplements which is your favourite?


Hi, Toothill man!

I`ve bought every A2089 supplement (I`m waiting for High frontier and Soldier`s companion) and I`ve two favourites!

On the one side the Earth 2089 sourcebook, which gave a nice overview about the world of 2089 (as I posted - I hope there will be some new ones according to the timeline, like 2090). In addition with the novels such sourcebooks will continue the timeline of A2089: new treaties, new conflicts.....perhaps battle reports or Armageddon Arena results....

On the other side....and this book brought me to Mongoose and Armageddon....the warmachines of 2089 (or better warmachones of 2089 :D ....just a joke). As an old battletech and Dark Age gamer I love those rendered mek designs and I also hope there will be a part II - something like a technical readout in the classicbattletech universe! (according to the classicbattletech site they were a commercial success, because most of them will be reprinted by fanpro). New warmek class (f.e. four limbed warmeks/Centaur warmeks), new warmek factories (Nordic league - according to Earth 2089 there should be some domestic warmek designs + export version in the year 2090/Israel/Korea/perhaps Russia) with their own warmek designs would be cool!

so I wish you a merry christmas!!! (and many presents :D )
Hello !

I aggree with Götterfunke, that Earth 2089 and Warmachones of 2089(it also brought me to A2089) are the most useful supplements.....until now. At the moment I`m waiting for the new supplement: Soldier`s companion with growing interest. Those tiny, little power armours have attracted my attention, because they will be a very realistic part of future warfare.
In my imaginations I can see bloody urban battles between rival warlords with those armoured suits in f.e. slums of Kinshasa....power armours are cheaper and can be better adapted to the their surroundings .....

So if you publish a technical readout - some new power armours would be nice.....

Lane Shutt

It's a toss up between Tanks and Planes. Both are well written, interesting character options and effective design rules (except for some minor glitches).

Armored Companies has a slight advantage in a combat heavy campaign since an Merc air squadron would be hard to make exciting.


Lane Shutt said:
It's a toss up between Tanks and Planes. Both are well written, interesting character options and effective design rules (except for some minor glitches).

Armored Companies has a slight advantage in a combat heavy campaign since an Merc air squadron would be hard to make exciting.

Oh I think an Air squadron could be very exciting, just in very short bursts :D ("He's on my tail! I can't shake him!" EEEEEEEEE "I'm painted! I'm painted! Some one help m--*")

Right now I don't have a favorite supplement- I'm waiting for them to come in the mail (there isn't a decent gaming shop for over 100 miles)
Well, I cant say that I have a favorite supplement, but I will touch base on each of them on what I like the most and least. (my opinions maybe off because I have not got my friends to play it yet. :cry: )

Warmachines of 2089

Likes: The warmek workshops adds a lot of info and is well laid out. And of course, the multitude of warmeks is awesome.

Dislikes: Would have liked to see the warmek design portion a little more streamlined (in the core rule book as well). But this is something that I have not used much yet and it might be a good layout.

Earth 2089

Likes: Great description of every country and giving a great platform to launch a game from and fully .

Dislikes: Because of the novels and other supplements, would like to where these countries where planning on doing. I.e. what is Canada's next planed action, try to turn true neutral, align with the EF, or align back with the USA? Of course all plans would be subject to change based on others actions, but an attitude toward their next action would have been nice as well.

Armoured Companies

Likes: Great description on new classes, how to use non-warmeks in full out battle, new equipment and technology. This is probably my favorite if I had to chose just one. This is just a well done supplement!!

Dislikes: I would like to have seen more example vehicles.

High Frontier

Likes: Did a great job on giving a new role for airplanes, space. Setup and descriptions for using space was superb, as was the classes and new space agencies.

Dislikes: This supplement kind of went off all on its own. It almost seems like you either have a warmek campaign, or a space campaign. So I would have liked to see more meshing of the two, like more space capable warmeks or something.

Overall opinion: Awesome Job!! Cant wait to get any more supplements, keep up the good work!!


Been holding off on posting to this thread, given that I don't have all of the supplements yet. I still have to get hold of the tank book and the infantry book.

However, out of those that I do have, which is all the others, the decision isn't that easy anymore. Before, I'd have said Warmachines, simply because of the cool pictures of the meks. But after my initial flick through High Frontier, I'm undecided again. Though its not the art in this book that's doing much, and its probably the only thing I'm not keen on about it.

Though one musn't forget the articles in S&P, they're generally worth getting hold of the mag for.

toothill man

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