Anyone using other systems with Conan?

Rotherric said:
I'm a big fan of HarnMaster and have been looking at modifying it to work in the Conan world. Like you, I dislike the D20 system but have recently purchase Mongoose's Conan rules for background information and I like what they have done. :wink:

I'm also getting quite tired and bored of the D20 system. Though, I still play, since I can't find a group who likes other systems.
Odovacar's Ghost said:
Well, for now, I'm trying to gather up all my old Rolemaster stuff. Then I hear about Harnmaster. It looks quite good, so, I'll be buying it shortly. Also, I heard some good things about TROS (The Riddle Of Steel).

Has anyone tried TROS?

Yeah I played TROS. I got to about 30 typed pages of home rules to help make it work before I gave up. It's got some great stuff in it but as a friend of mine said to me the other day regarding it, it's really half a game. The combat rules are quite intricate, one false move and splat, but the rest of the skill rules follow a different format and really have that "just chucked on" feel to them. It's a shame that the creator of the game isn't really involved anymore, having sold it on. There are a couple of reviews on the web and they have their own forum. We played about 9 sessions.
And what about the (defunct?) CODA System? The system and classes should fit well into an Hyborian Campaign. Of course, magic spells have to be modified.
Odovacar's Ghost said:
Elfman said:
BhilJhoanz said:
I do not think that word means what you think it means.
Sounds like he used it properly.

The film is well worth seeing. One of the best fantasy films before the Trilogy.

I have to disagree. Princess Bride was IMO an infantile LAMPOON of fantasy. Not only did it not take fantasy seriously, it sneered at the genre and all of us who enjoy it. Watch it for bad jokes and to laugh at 'that D&D junk'. And yes, I have a sense of humor. This movie was not humorous in any way to me.
Anonymous said:
This movie was not humorous in any way to me.



incidentally, the book was published in 1973, at which point in time D&D was so far outside of the mainstream that I very much doubt Goldman had even heard of it, let alone set out to make jokes about it. What would be the point of making jokes about somethign the audience had never heard of?

(So tempting to mention Morganstern, and lead him completely up the garden path....)
Actually, Sport. this is WAY off topic...but what the heck, I don't think your words mean what you think they mean. :D ROFL.......DnD was outside the mainstream in 1973 and it's doubtful that, as the man said, the author had even heard of it.

The movie in question had nothing to do with DnD or any other game. It was a Fairy Tale the grandfather was reading to his grandson. It was light hearted and fun and did have some "important" things to convey; True Love Never Dies; Oaths taken are to be Honored to the best of one's ability; your word IS worth something; Good triumphs over Evil with the continued efforts of Good Men to name but a few. Ain't nothin wrong with any of that in my book. :)
No, SPORT, excuse me, IDIOT, I said he was trashing fantasy. Learn to read.
Did i just step into the twilight zone or is this the gay part of the conan forum, you guys are really bitchin about a film like princess bride, whats next "never ending story". :twisted:
Anonymous said:
Watch it for bad jokes and to laugh at 'that D&D junk'.


I can read pretty well, thanks "sport".

And, unlike yourself, have extended that reading to Goldman's book, so I rather think I am in a better position to judge whether or not it was an attack on "fantasy" as a genre, or not.
It's somewhat curious that only anonymous guests get so agressive as to insult named participants.
Not so long ago I also was assaulted by a (french) guest that was so much insulting that the whole topic was erased.

BTW while not exceptional, The Princess Bride is quite entertaining.
It's all still off topic...LOL...I use a game called Arduin for running Conan games myself. Love the Mongoose material and soak it all up, using most of it for fleshing out and breathing life into the game. The Mongoose folk are to be commended for doing Howard's work in a game format superlatively.

To address other issues, never being one to let a sleeping dog lie;

The general hallmark of the intellectually impared is their tendency to respond to lucid comment and opinion with personal attack.

The general hallmark of cowardice is to remain anonymous when doing so.
So post your real name and address "Moanstorm" and show us you're no coward...? Don't hide behind a fantasy name...I think you're confusing prudence with cowardice. You claim that resorting to insults is the 'halmark of the intellectually impared' - isn't this and everything else you've said an example of doing the very thing you claim these other folk are keep your arguments in your handbag in future... :lol: :lol: :lol:
:D ROFL :D ....well Prudence, since you seem to want to know more about me (and I'm so flattered it makes me quiver with anticipation), my email address is available via this forum. Let's exchange information. Maybe we can get together and really get to know one another. I'd be more than eager to have a meaningful interpersonal exchange with you. HEY! If things work out, maybe afterward we can go view the Lemony Snikets movie coming out soon. Wouldn't that be Precious?? In the meantime we can but dream. At any rate, email me and we can share our private thoughts and views more intimately instead of flirting here where everyone can see us. :wink:
At any rate, re the Conan RPG rules; There are a few things about the D20 system we like (you get to use a D20 for one) but a whole slew of things about it we don't like.

As a result most of what D20/OGL calls for has been pitched out the window. We don't have Feats/Skills as an integral part of the mechanics. Instead they're used as roleplaying tools as opposed to "sure thing" gimmics. IE if you tell the GM you're going to "bull rush" someone you need to describe in loving roleplay detail what you're doing and hope to accomplish. Then you get to make varying die rolls to see if you succeed. While that may sound similar, believe me it isn't :wink: .

Also we've done away with Difficulty Class and Challenge Ratings. My group as a whole sees these as an unecessary intrusion into GM command and control, prefering to trust the GM (who's been gaming for about 25 or 30 years) to BE a GM.

Our HP are determined differently; You might start out with 35-45 HP, but you won't gain very many at all as you go up in level etc. Critical Hits aren't "threatened"; If you roll a "20" its a random Critical Hit. Very Tasty.

On the other hand as stated earlier, we love the Conan setting and all that Mongoose has done thus far for translating Howard's writings and concepts into game terms have been superlative. The world is alive and vibrant and chock full of crunchy goodness in the form of danger, intrigue, action and adventure. I myself have obtained everything Mongoose has produced for the game thus far and plan to continue so long as the general overall quality and quantity is maintained at its current high standard.

Thanks, Mongoose, for a GREAT product line!! :D