Anybody run Plunderers of the Dead?


Has anyone rune Plunderers of the Dead from S&P (forgot issue #)? I'm using it to start campaign. Any thoughts on this?

I read it, but my impression was that it would easily slaughter a group of 2-5th level characters. Plus, you needed another S&P magazine to use the prestige class they used.

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In the S&P article about the White Hand of Hyperborea the Rod of the Witchmen is presented as typical weapon. The effect of this weapon is described, but no stats are given: I assume, these are identical to the Staff of the core rules?
1. It would be cool, bradius, if you could give impressions after having run the scenario (I'm at the moment unsure about ordering the S&P issue for just a few pages of useful stuff, on the other hand Vincent's article about the Hyperborean Witchmen is very promising...).

2. Does someone know about pictures in the www of Hyperborean Witchmen? I'm thinking of a one-shot scenario (outside of the regular campaign) featuring these guys and want to give my PCs some visual impression. As always, thanks for your help! (Via google - image search I couldn't find one)
René said:
2. Does someone know about pictures in the www of Hyperborean Witchmen? I'm thinking of a one-shot scenario (outside of the regular campaign) featuring these guys and want to give my PCs some visual impression. As always, thanks for your help! (Via google - image search I couldn't find one)

Found one myself:
Voltumna said:
I downloaded a pdf of the white hand of hyperborea somewhere. If someone is interested.

Thanks for the offer Voltumna - I'd love a copy too please.

RD is Risen Dead

The party consisted of a hard-bitten Westermark vetren of the Pict border (Bor3)Tarantidies, a young Nemedian noble Lord Corvala from the backwards, rural north of Nemedia Aqqus (Nob1/Sol1) and his loyal Nemedian bodyguard (Sol1).

Also an NPC nemedian slave (Com3) of the noble, named Duggio.

the party is in Numalia to go on a caravan journey to Turan to obtain a trade agreement with a Turanian concern. The party is staying at the mansion of the Noble's cousin (Lord Korvalas), who lives in Numalia. The Borderer was a guard to cousin for about 3 months, but the cousin offered him to the young lord to beef up his escort to Turan.

Initialy, the party encountered the risen dead and his wife, the noble and his bodyguard promply fainted, while the borderer slew the RD handily with his excellent bowmanship. He then woke up the other two and then a couple of the Witchmen attacked, in order to retrive the RD's body. Trading blows, this time the young soldier got a good hit on one of the Witchmen and the Noble intimidated them. The assailents were happy enough to leave with the RD. A guard troupe arrived and, at the urging of the noble, gave chase. Of course to no avail. I used this encounter to have Paraskis (sp?) see the heroism of the borderer and develop a hero-worship for him. Paraskis thinks he's a Poitain knight, which annoys the bitter, hard-drinking borderer to no end. This all happens later though.

The Lord and his 3 followers are staying with his noble cousin. I had it that the RD have, on occasion, been seen in the city. However, the rulers of the city have been taking the witnesses into protective custody, as the witchmen would slaughter any witnesses to keep them quiet. Also, the city rulers don't want a panic nor do they want the king to send his soldiers into the city to investigate. Of course, our noble's cousin is one of the city rulers. The cousins visit the dungeons, where the witnesses are kept, including the wife of the recently slain RD. I typed up the speach the RD was supposed to deliver to the party (they killed him before he could speak), and had it as a note that was left in the family home for his wife. She, recognizing the fainting noble, gives him the letter.

Our noble and his entourage visit her home, encounter her children, and talk with her 14 year old daughter. She gave the amulet ,that the RD had , left for his wife the one which controls the Acheronian mummyt the leader of the Witchmen is attempting to raise, to Paraskis as he seduced her.

The search for the amulet is fruitless. However, later that day, Paraskis spots the Borderer (his hero for slaying the RD) and tries to join him as his squire. To 'bribe' the Poitain Knight (heehee), he gives him the amulet, thinking it mearly a pretty trinket. The next day, it is reported to our noble that the family was slaughtered and the home was ransaked (by the Witchmen of course).

The party takes the amulet to the library (I don't have the module in front of me, she is the assistant to Lord B. who has the great library). She ID's it as the item that controls the Acheronian Wizard. She asks to keep it for the night, the party refuses.

The next day, they are informed of the the kidnapping of the lady and the ransaking of the library. Paskoras drops a few comments that lead the party to suspect something is odd about his father's shop. The noble gathers a squad of guardsmen and visit the shop. They find the secret passage and go below. Of course, they are not subtle and the alarm is sounded. A brief battle with the witchmen results in the party retreating, though with a strong hint of cowardice from our noble leading the attack. Many of the guard leave in disgust, however our noble is able to soon gather a larger contingent.

Meanwhile, Jouhani and his followers flee. I had the tomb and temple connected to the Red River which flows along the East border of Numalia. There are underground waterway connections. When our, now enlarged, party returns, they find the mummy in it's state of excavation, a few of the RD and some supplies. However, all the good stuff and Lord B.'s assistant were gone.

That evening, our party had dinner with his cousin and Lord B. at the cousin's manor. They had earlier explained to the cousin and Lord B. about the mummy and the amulet they had. The cousin asked for the amulet and he was given it. Being tempted beyond measure by the possiblity of unlimited power (controlling the Acheronian Wizard King), the cousin and Lord B. plan to use our young lord as a sacrifice and just kill the rest of the party. At the dinner, they are felled by drugged wine. Carried into the cellar of the cousins manor, they all spend fate points, and after much running, fighting etc, our Borderer escapes, running into Pariskas (who has been waiting outside to 'keep and eye on his knight'). The rest of the party is in a standoff with the cousin's soldiers, each manuvering for the advantage. The Borderer, who has good sneak skills attempts to re-enter the manor to affect a rescue. However, Jouhani has sent a Witchmen team to kidnapp the cousin (a noble for the sacrifice) and steal the amulet. In the chaos that follows, our party escapes and the cousin is being hustled down the road, towards the waterfront by the witchmen who now have the amulet. our party (with the surviving house guards now as allies) catch up to them, they drop the unconsious cousin and head for the small boat along the waterfront. Realizing the witchmen have the amulet, our party races off in hot pursuit. However, the witchmen have the lead and are able to get off into the river. Our now heroic noble dives in, swims to the boat and using the feat of strenght mentioned in Hyboria's Fiercest, expends 1,000 exp to gain a +3 strength and is able to overturn the boat. The amulet is lost in the water, but the witchmen escape accross river.

The party confronts the noble's cousin about his treachery, but he talks/bribes his way out of the situation. The party is put up in the finest hotel in town, has the best healers work on them. And, the cousin says promises to provide whatever they need. The party then resumes it's orignal plan of going to Turan. The cousin also sends a wagon-load of expensive trade goods along.

As an epilogue, the cousin has sent a rider ahead along the Road of Kings to an outpost in Zamora. He has bribed the local outpost commander to kill the party (the cousin doesn't want any witnesses). Paraskis (who has the appraise skill) lets the party know the cousin's 'expensive' trade goods are all crap (in fact they are, planted by the cousin, as he knows the Zamoran commander will confiscate them). They party is suspicous.

Jouhani, very angry over the foiling of his plans, sends a threatening letter to our young lord. He vows to ruin his family and make the name of Lord Corvala the most hated in all of Nemedia. To use his brothers as slaves and his sisters as whores... You know, the usual threats.

Two things about the module. If played straight as it is, it is way two deadly for the party size/level recomended. Especialy if you play the Witchmen smartly and use all thier ablities. Juhani is a monster!

Also, Juhani has listed as equipment the Ring of blathus (or something like that), which I couldn't find anywhere.

My players really had a good time with this. We did it in two sessions. It was fun to GM.
Thanks, Bradius, your playtest is helpful. If I run into a copy in my gaming shop, I think I will give it a try.