Any more releases?


Hi guys ,

I`ve just recently purchased all the WARS rpg products from Mongoose and i have to say there really great.

But i am a little concerned about future products as there does`nt seem to be any releases scheduled.
Are there any more planned?

Thanx for any replies.
Wars is a very funny fish. Initial orders were low (due to the CCG/Decipher issues). However, re-orders are picking up. The future of Wars will depend on what happens next. . .
That's disappointing news, but thank you very much for keeping us informed. Hopefully, the re-orders will continue to improve.
I too will buy it, unfortunately I haven't found WARS in the stores where I usually buy my RPG stuff.
Special orders Tegman, special orders. Besides if you pick it up at the store people will be curious which if they get a chance to look at it will hopefully help sales.
Aye, it seems like I'll have to special order it. I'm so eager to read it, from what I've read on these forums it looks like a good game and I just love to read RPG books :)

Hopefully my players want to try it out too :) but they have never complained so far. I just hope it doesn't take forever before I get them.