Any MI playing Slaine/Dredd?


Are there any registered M.I. anywhere playing/demoing either of Slaine or Judge Dredd RPGs? If so... where? and what exactly? how's it going for you and your players?

I have been GM for a JD campaign that went on for a while, and have a small game currently going on in Slaine.

I'm not sure that I have time to commit to MI, but if more info was available I might consider it send me a private message if you can let me know some more.

ps im in UK
hey' guy's

my team and i demo' SST Conan and yes Judge Dredd RPG'S as we have bin playing
Conan and Judge Dredd well be for i was a lowly M.I.

as far as Judge Dredd since it is a very well known story line and D-20 game .
we have had a lot of input from player's so far all good I'm happy to say'.

we have bin running are game's at Double Exposure inc con's out here in N.J
as far as the type's of game's just some home made scenarios based off thing's from the source books.

when we run our Judge Dredd game's we always have a new game for those who have played in the past ones.
so if the people that played last time show up it is some thing new and they can use the same characters they had before kind of like a on-going RPG group" .

but we still have our introductory game's for the new guy's so they can give it a try' and see how they like it,

so far this has worked well for us and id say 85% of the players have come back to play again in a new game' .
and we have had some guy's come back as players with there own book's that they picked up after the con very cool.

right now we have a very heavy Judge game but with us running GOMC-1 we have had some people express un in-trust in doing gang's in the RPG'.
so we are working out some stuff right now so we can maybe have a game were we have PC Judge's
who are at just 2nd level going up against a PC top dog and his gang who would be played by PC's as well.

this sound's harder than it is there are too of us who know the rpg rule's very well and
we are planing on running both group's in one game at the same time to different table's of course .

so all of are PC will in effect be playing each other reacting to what the other group dose or dose not" do.
and we are just there to keep the story moving and keep order".

we are right now looking at 1 top dog and 4 gang members VS 4 street Judge's .
we will see how far we get and i will post as we go and of course after our first game.

any feed back on this would be great' thank's