Any idea for Brutes?

Reborns very set in his ways, I like variety.
My favourite wargames setting (funnily enough) is historo-fantasy.
Steampunk is awesome though.
I think Reborn had a game or two of Warmachine and didnt like it. Our club has a group of gamers who restrict themselves to (pretty much) white wolf RPGs, Privateer press and Rackham. Theres only about 5 of them though. I mingle with everyone.
The raptors from Blacktree designs Shadow elf ranges are pretty alien looking too:
If it were me (and I'm not saying I'm going to do this, I most assuredly do NOT need a fourth Skinnie force...) I would use some of the second-generation Zykhee, maybe the Deathdancers and Ka'Char, and I would use Militia heads to make them look like, well, Skinnies. I wouldn't worry at all about the second elbow on each arm, and putty the hands for two fingers each and extra splay toes on the feet. I would have to find a reasonable consistent piece I had multiples of for the Disruptor Glaive heads. There is a squatting Ka'Char model thatwould be perect to drop on the back of a critter for Tawn Riders, a few cheap monsters from the dollar store could fill in for those pretty well.

But really, I'm not going to do this myself. Honest.