Anger of the Righteous part 2??


Would there be any interest in doing a second online B5 RPG campaign in the "Anger of the Righteous" section? With 2nd edition being newly released I feel burning desire to start playing and, unbelievably, I cant find a gaming club/shop in London UK that is running B5 RPG!!

I have PM'd Matthew Sprange- he is fine with us doing so. I have PM'd LBH to see whether he would want to interlink to current online campaign on Ragesh station. LBH reckons better off keeping them separate and that makes sense to me.

So does anyone fancy running/playing Anger of the Righteous part 2??


Hey W_I.

Best to get Matthew to start a new section rather than piggy back on to AotR.

Good luck with it.

I know Kyu_Kage was interested in playing in AotR, try PMing him.