An adventure gone horribly wrong...

Arkobla Conn

A friend of mine wanted to DM a D&D adventure using our Conan Characters. The only difference he made was he gave the Scholar a book of D&D spells and we were off. It's a one off, what if, kinda scenario.

Well the first session went ok, but the second session had us chasing a kobold sorcerer (or a 1/2ling sorceror, but I don't think our char's knew that) to a walled town. We were supposed to go up to the gaurd at the gate and say...hey, did you happen to see...

But nooooooooooooo.... First thing my character does is insult the guys phsyque. (he was a heavy guard...not nice of my PC, but what can I say...the guy isn't that nice) The next thing we knew, another PC is having fisticuffs with the gaurd. He blows his whistle and 12 more come rushing out.

Most of us retreat a few yards and tell the combatant to relax, move back...the barbarian from Cimmeria decides to leap into the frey, fists flying...his friend is being hurt.

Pretty soon, the gaurds pull out swords and then it gets really ugly. These two have nice feats, one has cleave and you can see where that is going. 4 die as archers begin lining the walls. 2 more go down as a calvary unit outside the palisade begins to ride up. 3 of us retreat, another is captured outright before finally the two fighting are pulled down. The calvary chases the retreating ones and the scholar webs most of them and the trio kills the remaining two before taking out the helpless webbed ones.

When we crept back into town during the dead of night, we found that the trio was not in custody, but that they had escaped!

This is probably a good indication that these two games don't mix....heh...but we had a blast...