Alpha Complex Governed by MORE THAN ONE Computer


That could work, especially for experienced players in Straight style.
I'm not sure it would translate well for a one-shot zap style for beginners where they already have enough information to swallow at once...
Interesting idea, newmarduk. How do you see this eight-Computer approach increasing the general level of player paranoia and anxiety? I assume the different Computers have differing agendas and instructions. Is a given player character supposed to pay more attention to The Computer from his service group, or is he supposed to obey them all equally? The latter sounds nerve-wracking. Nice!
The thing is though that this could all be a single competer anyway...We already know that depending on what node your near or what the recent UV programmer has been upto that the computer can tell you things that later on its doesn't know or remember...

Though i do like the idea, could see the AF trying to take over....
the computer is already so screwed up anyway. I'm sure some service firm minded high programmer has modified part of the computer towards his service firm (and secret society and evil goals :lol: )