All female crew theme

Jim Bennett

Somewhat of a newbie working on adventure to lure females into world of Traveller (MGT2e)....method in madness is that I am retail game store owner with good collection of Traveller books and adventures...but need to attract some females to am writing an adventure using Fantasy Grounds platform...

Anyone know of some similar adventure or background material that might be useful...haven't seen anything on You Tube ...
What I'd really like to read is a written "replay" of an adventure that took place or fictional report of players experience in an adventure???

Any direction most appreciated...
I don't recall a single Traveller adventure that was men only...

put another way:
Nowhere in these rules is a specific requirement established that any character (player or non-player) be of a specific gender or race. Any character is potentially of any race or of either sex.
That is taken from the 1977 edition of classic Traveller.

I would look to TV sci fi - there are strong female characters in Dark Matter, Killjoys, nBSG, the Expanse, for examples of what women can get up to in Traveller - basically anything men can.
And Firefly.

You should find the artwork helps, as every piece of art in Traveller these days is commissioned and directed by female staff.
There are some in-universe polities where the character's gender may be significant, but that's a local cultural issue rather than a universal one, and it can manifest in unusual ways depending on the polity in question. (IE, the Aslan Hierate designating non-Aslan gender on the basis of job description.)

Space-fi CRPGs would be another good source of material, whether or not they specifically Traveller-ish. Anyone who's likely to look at tabletop games is probably familiar with a range of them.
By "luring females" you mean "encouraging women to play Traveller"? :)
To be open, our group is 50/50 split. My personal opinion is that focusing on the roleplay aspects as opposed to dice roll mechanics makes the game far more approachable. Make it a social thing, just as the character generation session does.
"Introducing females to this great game" is better terminology maybe...ha ha...Sword Worlds suggestion from 'Arkathan' a good one...I have a D&D group that plays in my store now that is 50/50...but I thought perhaps an all female crew might have a certain appeal and create some interest...
There must be some article out there somewhere...!Thanks for comments so far
I can't see any adventure that can't go all female. To specifically attract ONLY female players, the adventure should have feature in the story that would appeal on that particular player grouping.

Seriously though, I've been gaming for about 43 years and, more often than not, women have been eagerly participating and bringing their unique style to the table and all have fun.
I think I posted this elsewhere, I think having a female GM/Referee would go a long way.
I'd avoid pandering (I don't think you are but want to put it out there) since people can spot that a mile off, and my wife and I were discussing how some companies paint something pink for a 'female version' and sometimes charge more for it.
First, girls need to feel safe. So, we don't want guys staring at us, making passes at us, etc. That's often number one why we don't play in game stores.

While totally not true of every girl, we like interesting relationships. This doesn't necessarily mean romance, but things we can connect with. If a guy gets a ticket on the way to work he might talk about being pulled over and all the who said what. Girls tend to start with talking about how the situation felt. "You know how some cops just make you feel like they think you're dumb?" When you pitch your adventure, you might start out with something like that. "Ever wonder how it feels to be in charge of a star ship?" "Don't you hate it when someone thinks they can get away with treating kids like slaves?" Don't get too into the technical details, but instead look to invoke how you want the adventure to feel. For first time players, make sure they know Traveller is easy to learn.

So, I just wrote an adventure which I think would work. It takes place in a commercial district in an asteroid belt. The asteroid is like partially mined out except for an arch that goes over the city. When you look at the asteroid from the side it looks kinda like a basket with the arch being the handle. This place is a place where the people of the asteroid belt come to get married. So, I used Glisten in the Spinward Marches. The story goes that some young guy was lured into a cult in this one district in the city where people go to party before the wedding. The guy's dad hires the group to get him back. Total moral dilemma, because kidnapping is illegal, so they can't just go straight in. They have to either talk the guy out of being in the cult or have to find a way to stealth kidnap him. So, I totally just made the NPCs, made a map and a key, and the story tells itself. Tons of opportunity to explore relationships between the cultists, the guy, and the city. When I created the city, I made sure there were lots of things they could use to disguise the guy if they decide to try to smuggle him out. Clothing stores, cosmetologists, temporary tattoo parlors, a forger, people to help temporarily hide the crew and the guy, a sympathetic detective, places to ship packages out, stuff like that.

To make it more fun for guys, I put in a club which does like melee weapon competitions that would be illegal elsewhere.

Once a couple of girls find out you run a fun game and they aren't going to be stared at or hit on, word will spread.