Aliens of Charted Space 1 - Vargr Armour

Hey, all! I was just taking a look at all the extended lists for equipment for a Vargr character I'm creating and I noticed that descriptions for torso armour (pp 208-209) include a chest guard, which doesn't seem to have stats in the table on p 209. Everything else (breastplate, cloak/cape, and light and heavy versions of the shoulder guards and vest) has a line in the torso armour table. Given that my character is low STR/high DEX, the description made it seem perfect, but I can't find stats. Are they in another book? Were they just missed? Thanks in advance!
I don't see it anywhere in 2E, but scaling the math of the 1E version to 2E would give 2 KG, +2 protection, 150 cr.