AI enhanced gaming


I've been messing around with Chat GPT to see if it can be a useful referee tool and thus far I have been impressed.
If you give the AI a decent amount of context on your planet of choice you can use it to quickly populate stuff like plot hooks (and instantly expand those plot hooks to an adventure outline), generate a list of NPCs, and instantly flesh out said NPCs. If you find yourself wanting to flesh out your worlds a little bit, this whole AI thing is looking very promising.
What phrasing did you use to generate your plot hooks?
Write me a list of adventure prompts for a traveller game where the player characters are visiting this world: Ylavernalin Ylavernalin: A sparsely populated desert world with virtually no surface water, this planet relies heavily upon underground aquifers to sustain life. Air is thin and gravity is extremely low, as the planet is only the size of a moon. Its spaceports are primitive in the extreme, basically a large field outside of town with some lights to help with landing. Each territory has their own spaceport, if you can call the primitive landing zones that. It would not be unreasonable to ask why anyone would live on such a planet, and the answer is simple: freedom. There are virtually no laws here, as each property is the sovereign nation of the landowner and the laws are whatever they have decided. While the planet started out as a bunch of rugged frontiersmen each with their own homestead, inevitably wealthy outsiders came along and bought up large swaths of land around water sources, functionally forcing the population to start renting from their new wealthy overlords. The planet’s average technology is around the early 20th century on earth, though the various wealthy landowners have much higher technology at their personal residences. As such the industrial capacity of the world is nothing of note, its small population and lack of arable lands significantly limiting its ability to provide common goods. However, that is not to say that they have nothing of value to offer the speculative trader. Probably the most valuable product the planet produces are exotic spices, created from processing the flowers on the native very hardy plant life. Less openly talked about, the liquid stored inside these plants can be processed into hallucinatory recreational drugs illegal on most worlds. Some mining is also conducted on the planet, producing moderate quantities of valuable crystals used in certain advanced technology. Culturally speaking, the planet varies wildly depending on whose territory you are in. Each artificial oasis, dragged up from the depths of the planet by technology only maintained by the independently wealthy landowners and their ability to import the necessary equipment, has its own unique spin on things. This is in no small part due to the landowners, who each use the world to live like a petty king and turn their properties into whatever fantasy they like. Traveller’s Rest, the Oasis nearest the equator, is themed around earth’s “old west” as preserved in movies. Every man has a 6-iron on his hip and had better be quick on the draw. Another noteworthy oasis is Turkman’s Folly, a religious settlement founded by Muslims when the planet was first colonised. It is a religious commune rather than a property held by a single landowner, and enforces strict religious law. The third and final major settlement is Galt’s Gulch. Inspired by an obscure pre-imperial author, the primary landowner initially tried to create a paradise of industrial titans and exceptional individuals. This quickly failed because 1) the planet is a shithole and no self respecting CEO is going to abandon his life of luxury and wealth to come and live on a barely industrialised desert moon and 2) it turns out that actually doing the labour is kinda hard. The solution to number 2? Buy a large number of slaves and bring them to the planet! Most of the existing homesteaders who decided to remain in the Gulch are employed as slave overseers, though a majority left in disgust as they view slavery as being against their philosophy of rugged individualism. Forcing someone to work at gunpoint, they say, is against the entire spirit of freedom that the planet was founded upon. Unfortunately, slavery is a very cost effective way of getting productivity so any trader wishing to fill their hold will have to talk to the Gulchers eventually, or leave with a large void in their cargo hold.

  1. Retrieve a valuable artifact from the depths of the planet's underground aquifers, guarded by a dangerous and secretive cult.
  2. Help a group of homesteaders in Traveller's Rest defend their land against a powerful and greedy landowner who wants to take over their oasis.
  3. Investigate the disappearance of a spice trader in Turkman's Folly, navigating the strict religious laws and customs of the settlement to uncover the truth.
  4. Rescue a group of slaves being held in captivity in Galt's Gulch and smuggle them off the planet to freedom, while avoiding the wrath of the powerful landowner and his overseers.
  5. Explore the planet's vast, barren deserts in search of valuable crystal deposits, fending off dangerous predators and rival miners.
  6. Infiltrate a black market drug ring that is illegally harvesting and selling the hallucinatory liquids from Ylavernalin's hardy plant life.
  7. Investigate a series of mysterious disappearances in a remote area of the planet, discovering that a monstrous creature has been preying on the unsuspecting population.
  8. Help a group of rebels overthrow the oppressive regime of a powerful landowner, sparking a planet-wide revolution and restoring freedom to the people.
  9. Search for a rare and elusive creature that lives deep in the planet's underground aquifers, coveted for its valuable and unique properties.
  10. Participate in a high-stakes race across the planet's treacherous and unforgiving deserts, competing against other traders and thrill-seekers for a valuable prize.


Write an adventure outline for prompt 4


Adventure Outline: "Escape from Galt's Gulch"
Introduction: The player characters arrive at the spaceport on Ylavernalin and are quickly approached by a group of slaves seeking their help. They reveal that they are being held captive in Galt's Gulch, a settlement ruled by a powerful landowner who uses slave labor to maintain his industrial operations. The slaves beg the players to help them escape before they are worked to death or worse.
Act 1: Infiltrating Galt's Gulch The players must find a way to sneak into Galt's Gulch without being caught by the overseers or the landowner's private security force. They may choose to pose as traders interested in purchasing slaves or come up with a clever disguise to blend in with the other workers. Along the way, they may encounter other slaves who are willing to help them or informants who can provide valuable information about the layout of the settlement.
Act 2: Rescuing the Slaves Once inside Galt's Gulch, the players must locate and free the slaves they came to rescue. They may need to navigate the complex network of tunnels and buildings where the slaves are kept, avoid patrols and guard dogs, and overcome any obstacles in their way. The slaves are weak and scared, and the players may need to reassure them and provide them with weapons and supplies to make their escape.
Act 3: Escape With the slaves in tow, the players must find a way to escape from Galt's Gulch without being detected. They may need to fight their way out or rely on stealth and clever tactics to avoid the guards. Along the way, they may encounter other slaves who are willing to join their escape or other obstacles that must be overcome. Once they are out of Galt's Gulch, they must find a way back to their ship and flee the planet before the landowner's forces catch up to them.
Conclusion: The players successfully rescue the slaves and escape from Ylavernalin. However, they may have made enemies of the landowner and his associates, who will stop at nothing to track them down and exact revenge. The freed slaves may offer their services or provide valuable information in the future, or the players may choose to continue their fight against slavery and oppression on other worlds.