Age of Conan E3 Vid. (amateur)


This vid isn't all that great quality, but shows what the world looks like. Also, a few seconds of combat. Excuse the drum and bass music in the background...

From the scenes it looks great.....

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bolen said:
does anyone know if this will require a monthly fee to play the solo part of the game?

I'm not sure exactly, but the industry standard (which FunCom stuck to with Anarchy Online, their previous game) is a box retailing for around $50 USD, a 30-day free trial subscription, and $12-15 billable per month after that. Usually credit card information is collected upon the initiation of the subscription to ensure that the player is of a legal age or has the authorization of a legal adult.

They've also said that the initial solo part of the game will have limited interaction with other players, such as targeted missions or quests where a group is required.