Advenutre/Plot Help


Hi Gents,

I am just getting into Conan and am hoping to run my first session in a week or 2.

I have a few ideas, but am wondering if any of you would be willing to share any adventures/plots that went particulaly well. Just couple of lines or more if you wish, giving a summary of the basic plot/adventure.

I look forward to any replies,

Had a nice session right at the beginning of my current campaign where two of my Player's were making their way through a local fair/bazaar and were confronted by a drunen Nordhiemer - nice introduction to the combat system and establishment of local reputation - plus it resulted in one of the character's being carted off to jail, which necessitated a rescue attempt... :)
if your browse in this Conan forum you'll find an excellent thread entitled "GM'S GUIDE TO CREATING HYBORIAN AGE ADVENTURES" by Iron Chef (sorry but I haven't the URL).
Last session I ran the following:

PCs are patrolling a rural road near a swamp. They come across a family of farmers who were just attacked by savages (uni-browed swamp-dwelling neanderthal types). Their cart of cabbages/turnips/whatever was left unscathed, father and son injured, mom ok, but their 12-year-old blonde-haired daughter was carried off.
The PCs track the savages to their village and confront them. They kill many mooks, but the shaman + 3 savages make off into the swamp with the girl. They track them thru the swamp and find the girl tied to a stone platform. They attempt to free her and get attacked by a Moorwitch (swamp hag ala Meg Mucklebones from Legend).

Turned out really well and my players liked the very Conan feel to it.
Hi Gents,

Cheers for the replies, it’s nice to hear other peoples ideas. I consider myself a fairly good GM, but I see so much other good stuff people are doing it’s nice to borrow an idea or 2.

Thanks again for you input, if anyone else has anything that went well, please add your input.

Should be running my first session on Wed, so reading a few stories and have picked up the new Graphic Novels, which may I add are mint.