Adventure query


Been a while since I asked about this but what with the next edition of Traveller due out in a couple of months in print I was wondering how that would handle this adventure Idea I asked about a couple of years ago.

The basics is that its set more in T2300 originally but it involved a young woman kidnapped and stuck aboard a prison transport sent towards the outer planets of the solar system.
Unlike T2300 (as far as I know) she was sedated and stuck aboard a freight sent from Earth up the beanstalk and loaded aboard a prison transport on the moon and sent via Mars towards the asteroid belt where a Babylon V-like station is located to help with the refining and transportation of minerals both from the belt but also shipping coming from the edge of the solar system towards Earth.

The game would involve a group of mercenaries hired to retrieve a package off an automated transport being sent via Mars towards the Asteroid Station.
Once aboard they discover its a prison transport and they can't find the package going by the serial number they were given since their package isn't supposed to be aboard.

Another ship is detected inbound for the same transport which if they board will lead to a firefight with the members of that military outfit who are after the same package as the PCs which one way or the other will be revealed to be the kidnapped young woman.

She's a freelance scientist who was loyal to the French until one of them sold her out to the Germans unknown to them she's the daughter of a powerful mercenary whose criminal connections are fully aware her safety would net them a sizeable reward and have him owe them a favour something that the authorities were unaware of because she was using an alias for her own safety.

The game idea would assume they'd rescue her and eventually get back to the asteroid station for the exchange which would inevitably involve another attempt to kidnap her only to involve the Asteroid base security with the group hopefully succeeding and in the process lead to their next mission which would involve escorting her out of the system and into the French Arm where she could eventually re-establish herself under a new identity and the group would have their own ship and a measure of independence in where they want to go from there.

Would that still work with MT 2nd?