ACTA- SFOS clarifications

Iain McGhee

There's a couple of things in the SFOS book I'm not sure about. I'd appreciate answers on the following:

p9, Launch Breaching Pods: Does the ship preforming this SA have to be within 4" of the target at the beginning of it's movement when SAs are announced or at the end as the boarding action is launched in the attack phase. I'd say the latter.

p129, Brakiri Brikorta: Shouldn't the Medium Laser Cannon on this ship have the Beam trait? I'd say yes.

Minbari fighters: I expect it's a game balance issue, but why don't Minbari fighter Fusion Beams have the Mini-beam trait like their cruisers?
Hi there,

1. Correct, at the end.

2. Using the SFoS lists, no.

3. The guns on a fighter are simply not powerful enough to earn the mini-beam trait.