Acceleration/Deceleration on White Star


Another random thought:

The ACC/DEC on the White Star as listed in the Minbari Fact Book is 4/4. For some reason this seems a little to slow to me. I had the feeling from the shows, and from playing B5Wars that their acceleration would be about double that of cruiser sized vessels. So for this system I am thinking about increasing the ACC/DEC to 6/6.

What does everyone think about this? Too much, or should it be even more? Is the 4/4 just right?
One of the Mongoose staff said that we could use 14, so 6 is not too much :D
I don't remember which one of them, but I have read the thread about it. They pretty much forgot a '1'. :D
Hrmm, 4... 14. That's a pretty big difference!! :shock:

Now if Mother Goose (Mongoose that be) says we could use the 14, I say "Rock On!" :lol: