A Slaine Virgin



After a rather helpful PM from toothillman (my deepest thanks), I’ve found my way to the Slaine boards! Other than what I’ve read of the game on the Mongoose Site, I know nothing of Slaine, or the Slaine RPG, apart from the fact that the game is based upon a 2000AD comic strip.

It’s been my current interest in Celtic Mythology that’s brought me here. Currently, I’m making my way through a vast tome of Celtic myths, having never really attempted to read them before. I was wondering on the best way to run an RPG similar to these tales, when I stumbled upon OGL Ancients. Having read a little more into it, I found that the game was strictly Greek and Egyptian myths. Well, I was all into buying the book and coming up with my own rules, when yesterday, I stumbled upon Slaine.

Well, having told you my life history, I was wondering if I could ask a few simple, and probably laughable questions about the game. ;)

1. Is the Slaine world actually Western Europe, in a mythological period? Or has the mythology merely inspired a fantasy world very similar to Mythological Western Europe? For example, can I set my games in Wales?

2. I’ve gathered that it’s a D20 system game. Are all the rules included in the book, or do I need to drag out my Players Handbook from somewhere? I’m hoping it’s like the Conan Rulebook, with all of the rules needed in one place.

3. A quick look on Wikipedia revealed that the comic has been going for some years. Is this partly due to them reviving the series recently, and remaking several of the stories? Or are there really 20 years worth of comic material for me to read on the matter?

4. Finally, is there a paperback, which contains several of the essential stories? Perhaps I can have a taste of the game before buying the Rulebook, then.

My thanks for any advice or answers given. And again, my deepest thanks to toothillman for pointing me in the right direction!

Well I've found a few maps which answer my first question well enough. But I'm still clueless on the other three points.

Any help? Anyone?
I'm glad you came here. Slaine is favorite subject of conversation on this forum, particulay with me. Though some of questions may be difficult to answer cause I'm not local to North-Western Europe and I can honestly say that I hold no official qualifications in History, Geography and Mytholgy.


- Slaine's world is called Tir-Nan-Og. ' Land of the Young' which is supposedly mythical Ireland. Not really too sure if Tir-Nan-Og is also The Britsh Isles, Paris, Spaine and Italy. I do doubt it. Though you could almost assume that these places are apart of Tir-Nan-Og. As Slaine has traveled this far in his early adventures. To answer your question exactly most of the landmarks and places mentioned in Slaine are as real as history, Geography has remembered them. Go ahead look, you may be surprised at how many of the so called mythical locations mentioned and seen in Slaine are actualley real places.

Look for Threads topics on this forum with the headings, 'The Owl Totem', 'Yboras=York' and 'Temple of the Sky can be found'

They are actualley real places as they may have been imagined during the iron age in that part of the world.

Bear in mind though that being a Science/Fantacy comic, there's a awful lot of questionable stuff about flying prehistoric reptiles evolving into fire-breathing Dragons, monsterous looking Formorian invaders from Tory island as well as demons from the El worlds.

As I have said beofre, I 'm not local and don't know how true some of these things may actualley be.


- You would at least need the generic Dungeons and Dragons D20 Dungeon Masters Guide. The latest rules system that D20 Slaine is based on. I would also get their D20 Players guide and Monster Manual. Just to be on the safe side. ( Though I doubt that these last two books would be as essential as the Dungeon Masters Guide. These have been advertised as a bundle. ( Buy all three at once.)



- Slaine ( http://www.2000adonline.com/?zone=thrill&page=profiles&Comic=2000AD&choice=slaine ) has had a very decent run with 2000AD and Quality Comics. Starting with 'The Time Monster' the 20th of August 1983 ( This one can been read online. http://www.2000adonline.com/?zone=thrill&page=thrillviewer&choice=time)and making his presence in few issues every now again for the last twenty three years ending with Slaine 'Carnival.' 4th of January 2006. Though 2000Ad magazine wasn't chock-ablock with stories about Slanie, there is certainly is still alot there. I think there may have been abit of a Slaine revival when Mongoose Publishing had put out the D20 Slaine you have been talking about. Not long afterwards, The Slaine Book of Invasions had started it's run on the 8th of January 2003.
Which brought life back to the Celtic barbarian that he had not experienced since the 'Horned God' saga started on the 13th of May 1989.
In fact there had been talk on this messageboard of reviving the D20 Slaine roleplaying game simply becuase of Clint Lanely's inspiring works of art featured in the 'Slaine : Books of Invasions.'

Your best and most efficient way of getting your hands on this stuff would be to order some of the Slaine graphic novels that are still available on Amazon.com in the United Kingdom ( http://www.amazon.co.uk/s/ref=nb_ss_w_h_/026-0053856-5134820?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=slaine ) and the 2000AD online shop. ( http://www.ekmpowershop2.com/ekmps/shops/2000ad/index.asp?function=SEARCH )

Currently, 'Slaine: The Books of Invasion' Volumes One & Two are selling now. Though I would hold off another fortnight berfore getting Volume two as it's been misbound and has been recalled and is going through printing press's again.



- Check number three.

I hope this will put back on the right track.
Thanks for the reply, Anvil.

I've already got the Players Handbook lying around somewhere. But why would I need the Dungeon Masters Guide? Also, surely the standard D&D creatures don't appear in Tir-NaN-Og? I'm a little put off with the idea of having to rummage through semi-useless D&D material to play the game. :(

Thank you for the links, also. From the looks of it, I'll be forced to pick up volume one of the Book of Invasions, to give it a look. ;)
Slaine Virgin No. 2. :) :shock:
Just got the Core Rules yesterday and Tir Nan Og today.
Looking very cool.
I would guess that using the SRD would help to fill in any gaps.
And I agree: it would have been nice if the Core Rules were more like those for Conan, that is, more complete and independent of WotC's books.
I look forward to lopping off Formori heads and drinking myself silly....
and playing the RPG! :lol:

I'm not sure whether you plan on the Slaine RPG or are going to run a game of your own? If you are, then you will surely need the D20 'Dungeon Masters Guide' that goes with that D20 Players Handbook. It is essential to the aspiring Dungeon Master.

The D20 Monster Manual may be worth buying if you wanna throw some other wandering monsters into the mix. There is no rule against this. You are the Rule Master if you are the one running the game. You are of course right. This book is none essential.

Though these books would be good to have. Actualley the whole d20 series would be cool to own.

Having just completed reading 'Slaine: The Books of Invasions, Scota & Tar V.Two' I reckon it would be a great time to have a 'Second Edition Slaine' RPG set of books featuring all the photoshopped artwork.

Incidently I would really appreciate a 'D20 Slaine Monster Manual' or one of the famous Slayers guides for Formorians.
Another thing about 'Tir-Nan-Oog'. This may be the correct term for the Celtic other world or dencity as it's sometimes referred to in Slaine. The otherworld is sort to like the afterlife.

A place Slaine has been able to go to many times through out his existence.

Though in the comic it hasn't really been made clear whether Tir-Nan-Og is the real world as well as the Other world which is what it would normally be referred to.

you can read the mythology of the british isles (by Charles Squire) which is a great introduction to Celtic Myth.
Slaine is not the usual Celt mythology as we usually know it but draw on it.
For instance the Earth warping feat (which gives huge bonus) comes directly from Cuchulain (spelling?) link with the goddess.and which he used to be invincible.