A question about OGL Horror...


I'm developing a scenario I'd like to use with OGL Horror, but as I don't have my copy yet I'd like to ask if anyone can tell me if there's any big differences between it and Call of Cthulhu d20 I should be aware of. I don't mind restatting a few NPCs because of differences in the class system, but any kind of heads-up anyone can give me would be appreciated.

OGL Horror is probably more like d20 Modern than d20 Call of Cthulhu (since it is built from WotC's Modern SRD).

There are four character classes in OGL Horror - Combatant, Scholar, Investigator, and Ordinary People. Each is a class with 10 levels (OGL Horror is a 10-level, not a 20-level game, and the characters start at level 3 by default). Each character also can choose a wide variety of occupations (similar to those found in d20 Modern) that provide additional benefits.

OGL Horror also has it's own, completely new rules for Horror Saves (three types - Panic, Fear, and Madness), Rituals (group spellcasting), Spellcasting, Psychic Abilities, and Faith effects.

It's a really great book, either on its own or as a d20 Modern toolkit. You are in for a real treat. :)
Glad to help. :)

Don't forget to download the OGL Horror FAQ/Errata for missing rules and clarifications, plus new monsters:

And this thread has additional errata/clarifications from author Gareth Hanrahan:
Got my book yesterday (pulled it out of the RPG shipment.. will have to remember to pay myself for it some time, hehehe)

It looks great. I was expecting something that was rules-heavy without much "how to play" info, but was pleasantly surprised by the amount of info helping a GM to achieve a "horror" feel.

Will hopefully be running a group through this in a few weeks time :D