A poll: MI Visors...Yea/Nay...Maybe...

What do you think about MI visors?

  • My Cap Troopers sport YELLOW visors...love the look!

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  • Why cover up your work? No visor is the way to go!

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  • CLEAR visors would be better...

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the point of leaving the visor clear, aside from people being able to tint it how they like, is that even a clear visor will have a visual effect distinct from no visor at all.
Gauntlet said:
im doing gold visors and shaved cheeks for Master Chief style helmets... couple that with halo style sniper rifles and im all set

was thinking of painting 8 guys red and 8 guys blue and building a blood gulch table lol

NO! do a red vs blue kinda thing with all the characters.
Not sure about the clear visors, but I think most people would go for yellow visors if they were weren't so yellow. Like, a pale yellow instead of neon yellow so it doesn't obscure the face. Or visors available in other colors, at least by bits order. Couldn't be *that* difficult to add a different tint to the mix. I'm doing urban camo, and would mind blue, liht blue or neon blue visors. Something like that might be nice as a custom order.

@ chris_valera - I agree with your thought that more people might go for less potent yellow...might even make for a landslide vote were the yellow a bit toned down. In fact, i probably would have voted that instead of clear.

Nevertheless, even though a tamer yellow would suit me perfectly, I still think clear gets the nod since you can tint them any color you like.

I wonder if anyone at Mongoose can copmment on their capability to add the option of clear visors to their new parts list?
Instead of using the little yellow bits of plastic, I put a small drop of clear epoxy on the faces of my MI. With a little help, the epoxy spread out and smoothed so that it now looks as if each trooper has a clear face shield - which makes sense if you want your power suit to be sealed against vaccum and such. If I had a digital camera, I would post a picture for you.

I didn't vote. I don't mind the yellow visors. I put some on and leave some off. THe yellow can still be tinted somewhat although not as easy as clear ones could hehe. So I am on the fence :) I vote for BOTH!
I watched the Series again recently, and the Face plates, when look straight on, are more clear then yellow(though ther is still a slight yellow tint) when you get shots of the face from any other front angles, it becomes a pale yellowish-gold. Toning back the yellowness would be real nice.. too bad you can't de-yellow the visor.