A poll: MI Visors...Yea/Nay...Maybe...

What do you think about MI visors?

  • My Cap Troopers sport YELLOW visors...love the look!

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  • Why cover up your work? No visor is the way to go!

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  • CLEAR visors would be better...

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I've been unsure about committing to the yellow visors for my Power Armor Troopers.

Personally, I agree with those who have mentioned that CLEAR visors would be the ideal solution (so there's my vote...). I think the versatility of being able to tint them in whatever color you like goes a looong way when personalizing your army...there are many colors you could paint you Power Armor tropers that would be hard pressed to look good with the current yellow visor attached. Clear still gives you the look of space troopers but is unobtrusive to the neighboring colors.

Truly, I've been jonesing to play with little visored spacemen since I fell in love with Starcom back in the '80s (...did I just date myself right there?). So I'm pro-vosor, I'm just not sure the yellow is the most versatile/useful color (even though it is true to the TV show).

PS - To Mongoose et al, please know that I really do appreciate the inclusion of the visors. It is really a nice touch and if it offers modelers extra options then I'm all for it. I'm just curious to hear what the community is thinking since I have seen almost NO visored MI models in my area. Seems like more people might like to use them but have a tough time working with the yellow...


I voted for the visors. I have not put them on all my MI, but do like the effect it brings out the CGI look quite well. Some I have keft without though as I did not want to cover the face.


I think they are too yellow for my tastes. I would have much prefered the clear ones. as it is, none of mine have visors.
Have to say...the polling so far is kinda surprising...expected things to be a lot more even across all 3 choices.

So am I seeing/reading this right? Is it that people like visors on their troops and the choice of clear-vs-yellow just comes down to taste (and/or opacity)?

I've seen so many non-visored MI that I assumed more people would be anti-visor all together...hmmm...

Keep those votes coming!


I have a caveat for my vote. First off - clear visors. They can be tinted any colour you want. I don't mind the yellow because I'm pretty sure I'll be painting mine green. However, I can see the wisdom of clear for those that want to try different colours. Blue would be a cool colour, for a more Space Above and Beyond look.

Now for the caveat - I'm pretty sure that I will not be using mongoose's visors. I think it's worth it to make my own to have them much thinner. I cannot stand the neon edges, so thinner is better.
I was just thinking that the clear visor would really be cool for the MI I'm using in the SST RPG...makes your character seem more personal when you can mostly see the face.

@Coyote - how are you planning to make your own clear visors. I agree, thin and clear would be nice (especially for my RPG characters).

As an aside, i read somewhere that a dip in Future floor polish helps make the yellow visors seem less thick...dunno if it's true but I might experiment. Anybody else read this?..or tried dipping the yellow visors in Future at all?
Oh hey, Nanite-

I have a secret stash of Starcom stuff I pull out from time to time...just to marvel at. The motors/gears and stuff still work after all these years! Grade A+ toy design if you ask me...and damn cool design work too.. The 80's were the golden age of action toys.


Games and Theory. Future Floor Wax has been used forever amongst military modelers. Any cast surface is always slightly irregular. This irregularity makes a clear part foggy.

Future Floor wax fills in the surface irregularity, making the part clearer, which makes the part appear thinner. It will also repair small scratches and scuffs which would otherwise ruin clear parts.

As for making your own canopies, the process is called vacuum-forming. You can find instructions on how to do this online, buy or build the equipment yourself.

Basically, make a negative mold of the faceplate by smooshing it into green-stuff putty.

When that harden, make a number of positive molds by squishing greenstuff into the greenstuff mold.

Vacuum-form clear plastic over these positive molds, cut the faceplates out of the sheet of clear plastic, coat in future and white-glue into MI. Voila, super-thin face plates and you can choose the colour.

This is a good trick if you have a club, because forming the faceplates is the fastest part. Making the positive mold is the hard part, but not that hard.

Mr Evil

clear visors would be best


well if you wish them to be yellow you mix a little yellow ink with soem brush on varnish and titn it your self...it woukld also allow us to have red visor or blue visors usin the same teqhneque..


Evil, was it you who painted some of your visors black? I've done that to a few of my models who are painted in a brown/black color scheme.


I paint my visors gold like astronauts, personally I think it looks more scifi, and I am not that good at painting faces :oops: Maybe I should actually practice I guess :lol: . I will have to vote for nothing.


I'd rather have clear visors (that's what got my vote) but the yellow works fine. I'm going to paint over the visors anyway, I'm not a big fan of the Models faces.

But the MI got pushed aside, now that I have 3 Tankers and a Brain to work on! :D :D :D :D


Clear would be kinda stupid you might as well just have no visor if your gonna do that. I just paint mine goldish and it looks all holo style 8)


I voted clear.

I painted the inside of my M8 canopy silver and it looks pretty cool. I'm gonna paint the faceplates of all my MI silver too, cause I'm not so good with faces. They'd look alot better if they were clear with paint only on the inside.


Mmm... I was going to go for 'yellow visors', but for some reason I changed my mind to 'no visors'. Although it's really put me in the minority.


im doing gold visors and shaved cheeks for Master Chief style helmets... couple that with halo style sniper rifles and im all set

was thinking of painting 8 guys red and 8 guys blue and building a blood gulch table lol