Insect Touch MI Uniform Painting Guide


Well i got some requests and since im painting going to paint my own MI this way i guess i might as well make a guide for anyone who wants to paint them this way too.

Mars Pattern Camo for Mobile Infanty Units

For those unfamiliar it is the uniform worn by MI units from the colonies on mars thus its name and design. Thats as far as i know about its as it was possibly used more throughout other MI units depending on the range of terrain. I can also say that The vehicles such as dropships were painted in the same camo as the fatigues just a larger pattern for the larger surface in case you want to tie your Power suits into the color of your force as well.


Colors you will need!

For my troopers i use Vallejo model color. Why? because its better quality then GW and comes in awsome dropper bottles which make storage and mixing about 200x easier. Also the range has almost 3x as many colors to choose from.

You will need

- Green Ochre (base fabric color)
- Light Orange (first camo shade)
- Burnt Red (second camo shade)
- WW2 Russian Uniform Green (body armor and boots)
- Brown Violet (webbing, gloves and gaiters)
- Gunmetal Grey (weapons/grenades)
- Flat Flesh (skin)
- Black
- White
- GW Brown ink

Step 1

Prime your model! Never paint a model without priming, if you paint your models on top the bare metal or plastic you have allready promised yourself a piece of crap. Some people like white or black...I like grey! Its the middle ground. Go to your local warehouse store and pick up a can of grey primer for $3 its better then GW primer and a hell of alot cheaper.

Step 2

Paint everything that is going to be green or metalic black. Get messy if you have to it wont matter just make sure its all solid black to provide the shading for later.

Step 3

Paint all the areas that are going to be camo (Pants, Tunic, Helmet) Green Ochre or sand colored. Dont worry if you get a little on the black it will be fixed later.


Step 4

Paint the face with flat flesh. dont worry about being clean if you make a little mess up it will be fixed!

Step 5

Mix 50/50 Light Orange and Green Ochre on a plate or pallete or whatever. after you have mixed paint the camo in in sort of jagged stipes. Keep it random but even and use different shapes and bends on the lines


Step 6

Mix 25/75 Green Ochre and Burnt Red. This will lighten the red up a little and help it belnd in the camo more. Do the same as you did with the orange but do a little more then you did with the orange. Dont be afraid to go over the orange and overlap, thats how camo works.


Step 7

Ink the face with brown ink and paint the rifle, pistol and grenades if any gunmetal grey.

Step 8

Paint the webbing, gloves, and gaiters (the things that wrap around the ankle over the boot) with Brown Violet. Make sure you leave any black in the cracks for shading and detailing and when painting the straps of the webbing only paint the top leave the sides black it will help seperate it from the armor.

Step 9

Paint the armor and boots WW2 Russian uniform green. I painted the top of each segment of the armor and left the cracks between black. This gives it a more eye popping detail of segmented armor. Highlight the top portions of the face with flat flesh as well.



Youve painted your first Mars Pattern Mobile Infantyman!

Now get out there and do your part trooper!

Nice color scheme, I recall using it on my Desert Scorpions for Warzone.

I really liked that comic mini-series from Dark Horse too and the artwork was pretty neat.
Looks good and nice tutorial. I wasn't aware of that comic and I also now have some more Vallejo colors to think about adding to my paintbox.
Looks real good dude! Real accurate, I might have to try that scheme out one day.

PS: everyone, I'm the original roughneck GIR, but I've not been around long enough over the summer and my user was removed...