The March 2008 issue of Fictional Reality is out...

Mark Theurer

Hello everyone! Here we are with the March 2008 issue of Fictional Reality and it's jam-packed with all sorts of stuff.


Inside you'll find...

Battle Reports: Battleground: Fantasy Warfare and All Things Zombie

Game Reviews: CthulhuTech, Paranoia: Sector Zero, AE-WWII, Federation Commander, Wildfire, and more

Miniature Reviews: B5 Gaim, AE-WWII, Reaper, Hasslefree, Infinity, Privateer Press, and more

Army Building: The Brood for Dark Age

Painting Workshop: The Warlord Reven army from last issue has been properly pigmented

Terrain Workshop: Clay starts the first in a series of articles using molds from Hirst Arts

You can check out the new issue of FR at


Mark Theurer, FR