A few Questions


Banded Mongoose
I'm not up on everything particularly Crusade and I thought I'd bounce if off on the boards :)

1. Durena (sp) mentioned her parents sold her on a slaver planet Praxis 9. Was it out on the Rim? Is the Rim the edge of the 2D map in the main sourcebook?

2. Was the Thieves Guild mentioned anywhere else besides a call to arms?

3. What races would allow slavery in their sectors? I doubt the Minbari and EarthGov would.

Thanks in advance :)

We know that the Centauri do from the source book as well as from the series.

While not mentioned specifically in the Narn book, my guess is that the Narns treat their subject races as badly, if not worse than the Centauri treated the Narns.

I do not recall any other mention of slavery in the series or the books other than the above and in Crusade. There might have been something in one of the Technomage books.

In my games, I am treating slavery as something similar to what we saw on earth in the 1700s. Many countries have it but it is kept in the background. “Legal” slaves are kept by various races and can be transported through the EA.

I am also including worlds that are not under the direct control of the various major races or any of the League worlds where the only law is the gun similar to the TFS station mentioned in The Fiery Trial module. I recently saw the DVD set of Firefly and found it to represent what I envision as these “lawless” worlds.

In my games we have already had one slave rescued from one such world. The PCs bought her. Unbelievable, isn’t it that some PCs took the peaceful option?

I can see the Brakiri and others having legal slavery.

Also, don’t forget races who have different levels of their society some of whom are in actual practice little better than slaves.

Good luck with your game.