<A:2089 Conversion> Scout WarMek Art and Stats

Here's my version of a walker from one of Mongoose's earlier games, Armageddon: 2089.

In building this, I altered the speed increase slightly. It takes up less space, but requires two minor actions when moving fast. This is because the Mek has to "run", which is harder than just stepping on the gas, I suppose. :)

I also invented a new piece of gear to represent the old high-tech chassis options from A:2089: the Spun Diamond Chassis, which, for every 5 spaces the vehicle has, it is considered as if it has 2 additional spaces, but only for the purposes of room for equipment and determining hull points.

Here it is:

And a quick and dirty size comparison:


Ipex Rec4 Scout Warmek

Despite the infamous actions of a well-known pilot during the British War of Independence, the Rec4 is a capable scout, albeit with limited anti-armor capability.

TL 8
Skill Drive (Walker)
Agility +1
Speed (Cruise) Very Slow*(Idle)
Range (Cruise) 150 (225)
Crew 1
Passengers -
Cargo -
Hull 84
Shipping 10 tons
Cost Cr 5,194,100
Armor F 40/S 35/R 30

Traits AFV

Equipment and Weapons

Camouflage (improved), Chassis (spun diamond), Computer/1 w/ communication system, Controls (improved), Ejection Seat, Fire Extinguishers, Navigation (basic), Sensors (improved), Speed Increase (running), Stealth (basic)

Large Turret (light laser cannon), Small Turret (2 light autocannons), Internal Bay (2 anti-tank missiles)

*In order to move Very Slow, the Rec4 must run, which requires the pilot to spend two minor actions to move at this speed each round.

Edit: Background image courtesy of HDRI Haven.