3.5 DMs needed for opinion....


So, Kai Lords are supposed to be so badd-@$$, right? Here's a thought. Instead of splitting the skills as done in 3.5, why not allow the Kai to use Acrobatics, Athletics, and Perception in leu of the normal skills?
This would save the Kai a few Skill Points that could be placed elsewhere, and coincide with the fact that Kai tend to be naturally gifted with such skills and thus allow Skill Points to go into areas that might help to further define the character. EG: I might Max out Acrobatics, Athletics, and Perception at 1st level, costing me 12 points where in 3.5 maxing the equivilent skills would cost me 28. That's a 16 point difference (roughly 1.5 times an improvement on the Rogue Core Class, in some cases a x2). These points could then be placed into a limited pool of skills (say, Knowledges) to illustrate years of scholastic study (which the Kai are supposed to have on top of their Discipline mastery).

As long as these extra points are monitored and not placed just any dandy place they might fit, I think it is a small step to add flavor to the Kai class, and give them a slight advantage over other characters when it comes to history, geography, and other forms of Lore that a Kai would seem to know in excess....

Any takers for a debate?