2300AD - Impact of more terms

In 2300AD, advances in medicine extend human lifespans significantly, which results in characters that can go for more terms before suffering aging effects. How are referees handling this in their games? Is it a non-issue, are GMs placing max term limits, etc.?

I'm new to Traveller in general, and am strongly interested in the 2300AD universe, but I'm unsure what pitfalls I need to watch out for.


Rikki Tikki Traveller

Cosmic Mongoose
I use the old Traveller trope of Max skill levels = INT+EDU.

At the end of character creation, and mustering out, you add up your INT and EDU characteristics. That is your maximum number of skill levels. If your starting character has more skill levels than this limit, they have to reduce some down to get below that limit. SO a character can be high-skill but in limited areas, or low skill in a lot of areas.

Once skills are reduced to Skill-0, then they don't count against your limit, so very old characters who started with a lot of skill levels will end up with a lot of Level-0 zero skills "I used to remember how to do that, but its been so long..." kind of things.

Example of a Skill Level:

Melee-3 and Admin-2 represents 5 skill levels.

Think that limit is too low, then use 1.5 or 2 times the INT+EDU rule.


Banded Mongoose
I like a term limit of 4 or 5, and don't use the normal skill training rule, but if it was wide open I'd use the Int + Edu cap.