(2300AD) Aerospace Engineers' Handbook - questions, clarifications, and possible errata


Banded Mongoose

I'm doing a read of the Ships of the Frontier as an exercise in understanding the Aerospace Engineer's Handbook construction rules. In the course of doing that I'm coming up with questions. I'm going to post them here in the spirit of making it as easy as possible for the people who wrote the to answer the questions. If I have time I'll re-update this post with the question and ultimate response.

pg. 30. The military sensor table's Power values are twice the values in the Jian/Kennedy examples on 34 as well as the drone sensor table on page 134. Of note text above that table says that "These sensor systems are equivalent in capability
to standard ship systems." Which is correct?

pg. 134. The drone military sensor text states that tonnage and cost penalties for the arrays that fold are already factored in. Yet the tonnages for the two folding strays are identical to their partners on pg.30. What’s correct here?

Pg. 134. The one non folding drone sensor array is four times the cost of its starship counterpart on pg. 30. Is that a typo?

Pg. 134. What’s the comms range on a drone when I *dont* install military sensors? I.e. when I just have the basic terminal homing systems in there?
General comment on ship profiles in the Core Rules, AEH, and SotF: I think it would be really helpful to players if the ship sheet in the books was a one-stop shop that players could just use as a ship status sheet. For instance it would be useful if the sheet somehow listed all the "Features" or "Traits" that applied to a given ship, including the ones that are associated with one of the technologies the ship is equipped with. For example, see AEH pg. 186 for the Kennedy-class fast missile carrier. It has a synthetic hull that automatically confers the "Efficient" Trait...but there's no reminder of that on the sheet anywhere. If this isn't possible for production reasons (like available space) I understand.