2300 Heroforge Character


Banded Mongoose
Tanstaaflian Militiaman
Battle of Thunder Valley
Thunder Valley, Equitorial River, Tanstaafl, Aurore
June 2300

[Note: This description if from the 'Kaefer Dawn' scenario, with inspiration from GDW's 'Aurore Sourcebook'. The 13th Militia Company is fictional, but plausible to the setting. The results of the Battle of Thunder Valley scenario was the GDW canon ending at one point. It is up to Colin as to how he wants to portray it going forward.]

Militiaman Thomas Suarez of the 13th Militia Company, Tanstaafl Militia in action against Kaefer Horde Eta.
His equipment is the standard militia hodgepodge of variously sourced gear liberally mixed with civilian personal property. His clothing is entirely civilian private purchase: a grey flannel work shirt over denim jeans with a leather work belt and high-topped boots.
His helmet is French in origin, the Casque du Combat-2245, while his rigid chest armor/ammo carrier is Manchurian war surplus booty captured in the Central Asian War. His pack is military surplus from Texan sources.
He is armed with a privately owned FC-70 hunting rifle with an after-market scope and a homemade silencer. This is augmented by a militia-issue Traylor M-57 pistol.
The Battle of Thunder Valley was an engagement where the Tanstaafl Free Legion mercenaries and local militiamen trapped almost an entire Horde [defined as, 2000+ invididual] Kaefers in a branch of La Gouffre just as the tide was coming in. The Horde [named 'Eta' as it was the 7th Horde sized grouping faced by the TFL] was a combination of three Bands grouping from the French colony to the North and remnants of the Tanstaafl bands in the South. These units had been heavily attrited in personnel, but were still well equipped, with several Bugbuses, Crawlers, and 4 Deathsleds. Hedged in by demolitions teams and what little rocket artillery the Legion was able to bring to bear, no Kaefer vehicles survived the inundation. Command cohesion among the Bands and Horde was completely broken and what few individuals escaped did so as individuals.
Two motorized TFL Ramrod platoons and the 13th Militia Company remained in the area for two additional months hunting individual Kaefer before the area was declared secure.


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