Hi all, I was wondering if anyone wanted to make zombie rules for SST. I've played the zombie servers on Counter Strike Source, and I find the gameplay quite interesting- The zombies are fast, and near impossible to kill, but each shot drives them back a little bit, so with 5+ guys firing one zombie isn't going anywhere. SMGs are good for driving them back because you can throw so many shots out, shotguns are best for actually killing, and rifles are kinda in between. Any thoughts/ideas/comments/concerns/hatemail/flaming objects of doom?

The zombies would be a cool addition to the BF2 servers as well. The Counterstrike isn't half bad, but I would'nt mind seeing an additional side in BF2.

BF evolutions could be easily looked into as there are liturally about a hundred different companies out there with some cool Zombie figs.

maybe a combined force having to help each other out against the Rage zombies from 28 days, or NBC effects that make the zombies from Return of the Living Dead. (" Brains", or "Send more marines....")

Well, I have made some 'Zombie Bugs' as my interpretation of the carrion warriors (see pics at end of post).

Some MI Zombies would surely be nice, would work well as a form of control bugs (I still have to make one of these nearly-dead-skeleton-troopers).

Hmmm.... this could have alot of promise really, if as sugested you use the carion bug upgrade, eliminate the kill trait from their statline and some other fine tuning you could have a really awesome game there!

Maybe thats what we should all be doing to fill this gap in the miniatures schedual, writing our own pet mods of SST, the rules are certainly versitle enough to do it, we could have an unofficial competition or something!
Start a poll thread max, like 'what to add' with about six options, and then we can get crackin'. Your idea after all.