Jus a kwik kestion...........

in the Tir na nog book it mentions/details Yboras(or summit like that) in the Fir Domhain territiory.

Is it the equiv of modern York??

Just a thought due to the etymology of the name.


Eburacium in roman times, probably from Caer Eburas/Eburak from

Bothered me a bit, as there no gigantic Titan ruins in York :)
I dug out my own copy of that book going straight to page 37.
I reread it. Interesting stuff.

I honestly don't know what you mean, though. I'm not even local to that area of the country.

Are you asking whether Yboras is situated where modern York is? Not that would know where modern York ( I know New York.) off the top of my head.

In case you may have been wondering Yboras is shown on the map on the back cover of book itself. Just west of Netherwood.

Though Yboras is clearly shown on up north eastern quadrant. Bearing in mind that the land mass's were shaped differently in those times I would say that on a modern map, it would either be just about right on the eastern coastline or in the water. Though I couldn't be assed finding proper map of the Bristish Isles to be absolutley sure.

As for lack of ruins in York and if York is Yboras, than perhaps one of the author's is making things up. I really see the Slaine as character existing in a northern European history that is sometimes to fantastic to be true as is the character Slaine himself.

I do know that there are strange crystaline rock formations on one of the coastlines that look like they were placed there by giants, hence all the legends surrounding the place.
york is very very old when you go too the cathedral the vaults have roman and pre roman remains their 8) it also was a norse(midguard) kingdom till 1066 apart from the rest with far stronger links to the norse countrys 8)
the first battle harold fought in 1066 and won at stanford bridge against the vikings was the last attempt to have a seprate kingdom 8)
I'm not aware of any suggestion that Harald Hardrada had the slightest intention of establishing a seperate kingdom of York. He was after the throne of England
could easliy be wrong be remember the reason he landed their was to gather his supporters most of which were of viking decent but could be way off beam here :?