Will limbs still be lopped off?


I played a single campaign of Runequest back in the day (I emphasize that is not an attempt to sound gangsta), and my enduring memory is of severed limbs during battles. It was quite a lot of fun, in the way that the original Warhammer RPG used a deadly critical hit system.

Will the new version feature mangled extremities? :twisted:
Hmm, that is actually a minus for me. I always found the "limb lopping" rules in 3E Runequest to be rather silly - most combats reminded me too much of the Black Knight scene in The Holy Grail. I do want a critical hit/wounding system but I definitely don't want to see a retread of those rules... they were neither cinematic nor "realistic", just comical.
Actually just because a limb went down to -6 in one hit didn't necessarily mean that it was lopped off, just so badly mangled that it was no longer useable. EG if the damage was a result from an inmpaling or crushing weapon then it would not be hacked off.
RQ was never meant to be cinematic when it came out - remember the only other game then really was D&D whose combat system was (and still is) very abstract.
As to whether 'lopped limbs' is realistic - I'm sure that this topic will have been covered in other RQ forums in minute detail but suffice to say that a read of any ancient era battle report that featured burly men with edged weapons hacking away at each other tends to feature piles of limbs at some point.
Anyway, what can be more fun than forcing a PC to scrabble around on the floor for his severed fingers before he bleeds to death or the time limit for that heal 6 spell runs out? :twisted: