Which is it called : Sky Full of Stars / A Call to Arms ?

Which title are Mongoose using? Which title do you prefer? Sky Full Of Stars or Call to Arms

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  • I don't really care, I just want to play it.

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Hi everyone,

First new topic post for me!

Just skipped over to the mongoose Bab 5 website of scheduled releases.


http://www.mongoosepublishing.com/babylon5/detail.php?qsID=510&qsSeries=Babylon 5

Has Sky Full of Stars been renamed Call to Arms? The title says yes but the picture says not. (But Ariel will get it clean! :lol: )

Just so I can tell my FLGS what to be looking for in the order lists to get it in for me.

As a side note, which of the two names would you prefer. They both refer to last ditch battles to save Earth after all (SFoS = The Line, ActA the battle against the Drakh and their shadow planet killer)

Personally I prefer SFoS, more poetic and less agressive, but that's just me. . .

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Star Ranger said:
A possible reason for the change was that the name 'Sky Full Of Stars' was too similar to an existing space combat game, 'A Sky Full Of Ships' which is currently free on the web and has a strong and growing following that has already converted stats of B5 ships for use in this game.


Thanks for the heads up!

I'll hafta take a closer look at this game later this evening. I like that counters are being provided on that second link.
I'm not sure if the names been changed, but the manuscript we have is definitely entitled a "Sky Full of Stars".
could it possably be two differant games?

One is a stand alone game thats not the D20 rpg, like Mongoose has been stateing, and the other is the actual D20 ships combat rules?

that could be it.... right?

Just call me the wrench in the system!
Hi all,

Your friendly local neighbourhood poll starter here.

Shalazar, I doubt it is 2 different games, it just seems unlikely. you wait all these years and then 2 come along at once :wink: I don't think so.

Neo, you lucky playtesting dog you. How is the game? I bet it's fun. I should have added a 4th answer to the poll, "We don't care cos we're playtesting it! Nya nya nya nya!" :D

Given the fact that the picture on the release schedule page still shows SFoS as the title, I reckon it's just a recent name change. Mind you Coming Of Shadows, the Centauri book and Point of No Return all have the wrong picture of the cover on the website and they've been released.
Before anyone flames me for that I'm not complaining, I'm just commenting. :roll:

Calling all Mongoose bods and any other knowledgeable person(s). Has the name change happened? Maybe one of you could let us know? Pretty please :?: :?: :?: (Especially Mr Sprange, who is always most helpful and is down as the author)