Which army wins most of your SST games?

Which army wins most of your SST games?

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JoseDominguez said:
I feel a lot more satisfied with a bug win than an MI win. You feel like you earned it.
Hellz yeah. When you win with the MI, it's like, "Cool, I blew another bug colony to smithereens again." With the bugs, it's just too glorius for words.

But even more so when the skinnies score a victory against the MI! :twisted:
Adastra said:
As an Arachnid I've lost twice to the local MI - once on points, and once when I chose to do something foolish, i.e. "let's go in against Exosuits with no tunnel assets". Bad idea - sort of like the first attacks in the movie "Zulu" - testing their firepower with the lives of our warriors. Just so you know - they have LOTS of firepower :(

The other dozen or so games however have been Bug victories, usually of the overwhelming kind. My opponents, fortunately, still haven't figured out that the M in "MI" stands for Mobile :lol:

Kind of hard to be Mobile when you spam Ego War.
:evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:
Did ego war get changed in the Arachnid Army Book? The one in the core rules really doesn't change much about the MI's ability to do things during their turn (It lasts to the end of the Player Turn, not the Game Turn). Did that get changed in the Arachnid army book somehow? Cus I keep seeing refrences which seem to indicate it stopping a unit from acting during the owner's turn, which the current one won't do.
no it simply stops Reactions during the BUG players turn, and it has to use artillary deviation, 4 inch radius of nonreaction from the hit spot. its a single action.

oh and it Rocks lol

no u wont be shooting those warriors right in front of u today No siree Bob
between me and gray

gray has bugs

i have mi

its a 50 / 50 split on who wins right down the line, its like we take turns each week on who wins.

as for Skinnies so far they havnt made an apearance yet.
I think all this talk about the MI getting three new Marauders being unfair is rubbish. Obviously they will only be available to Marauder platoons, like the Bigfoot and the Nighthawk! So what's the problem? Marauder platoons have a lack of flexibility at the moment, so it's only fair that they get a boost.

About Skinnies - I think the main reason they're not doing so well is that the heavy weapons units have only just started to come out. Raiders can't hit anything with a target of higher than 6, and that's the most widely available Skinnie unit. Venerables and Guard haven't been out for long. I think as the more butch Skinnie units come out they will start to win more games.