Where are you gaming?


I was wondering. Who here is actively playing in a B5 game?

Where are your games held?

I live in hte SW Suburbs of Chicago. Though I cannot currently participate in a game. I thought it would be a pretty good idea to start a thread for people to post any openings for players or players looking for groups.

Anywho, HAVE FUN!!!
I am running a game over the internet until I get redeployed back home to College Station, TX. Then it'll be done in person.
I had no idea so many international players were lurking here!

Good to see B5 has such a global popular front :)

To bad none in the Chicago area. I'd like to be a PLAYER as I'm always the one stuck witht he GM's hat... :roll:
I game over email with three players on a semi-weekly basis. It's a fun game with a diverse trio of characters and some... unorthodox challenges. :)

I play two sometimes three times a week.

Tuesdays I run a Forgotten Realms campaign at a friends house for our group (7 others and me).

Thursdays I run either a Mutants and Masterminds, Star Wars or Babylon 5 campaign for my group. The actual game of the 3 mentioned switches every 4 weeks in rotation.

Also We game on a saturday if we have a playtest assignment, this tends to be an afternoon game, followed by beer, pizza and DVD's in the evening. (our groups brews its own beer :) ).