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  • Cap Troopers

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  • LAMI

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  • Pathfinders

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  • Marauders

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  • Roughnecks

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  • Exo-Suits

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I voted for Cap Troopers because that's what I have right now. I was surprised to see no votes for Pathfinders. I just bought enough Pathfinders to make a small platoon, and I'm looking forward to getting them assembled and painted so I can try them out.
i went exo suits as there my new toy at them moment and 5 more base modles arrived this morning for conversion.
HMmmmm, I can't choose. I really dig the Exosuits (even though I haven't played them yet). The Marauders are awesome. The MI CAP Troopers and Pathfinders are really good too....I like them all equally for different reasons.

I can tell you what I don't really like;

Roughnecks because they are show pony mummy's boys, and
LAMI because they are incompetent amateurs. :lol: :lol: :lol:
I just love CAP troops, their so versitile, their solid models, and very easily specialized. They remind me of me back in the war of 1812.
CAPs, mainly because you can give them marauders aswell, plus i love the plastic CAPs, so much variety
LAMIs - the only real infantry ;)

No Guts, No Glory, gentlemen :D

Besides a clash of two hordes is sooo much fun :)
No guts?? plenty of guts spread about the place with the lami :lol: I think if i had to choose one i'd probably end up going for Cap troopers due to the sheer amount of variation they have

Regards Oldbury
In slightly other way: no guts = no glory... (btw that's also name of a quite powerfull LAMI-specific feat in STT RGP)

Yup, CAPs have they amount of variations, but LAMIs are more fun for me. Besides am used to playing w/unarmoured and seemingly underequipped light infantry ;)