Whats the best colour for tankerbug eyes?

I figure there's three choices:

  • Red

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  • Green

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  • Yellow

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  • What'chu talkin' about Willis? those colours are as out of date as different strokes references!

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Hey, Im just putting the finishing touches to my tanker bug but I've kinda reached an impasse and I'm interested what the general consensus is.
Im leaning toward yellow having just painted them red, but Im sure that'll change the secound I put brush to paint.
I am going to say green mate. I can't put my finger on it but it just seems the most suited colour. I did my Tanker Bugs eyes green and am happy with the look....I guess it all depends on what the rest of the model is though. Is it the standard dark blue/black or something different ?
so far green has looked really good on most tankers, red also works fairly well but needs a little more coordination with color scheme i think. I will probably go with green for my tanker.
I used scorpion green because it pratically glows all by itself. I'm not even sure if GW still make Scorpion Green paint but it's my favorite effect color for other worldly glow. Plus the eyes on the tanker in the movie were glowing green.
I have two Tankers. I used Red on the first washed with a really thinned out Airbrush gold metallic paint. The seoncd has green eyes, washed with watered down green metallic.
The Tanker's eyes should be "Green with envy", because the MI have Dizzy... :roll:

If you researched it, the Tanker does have green eyes. Red is a good second choice, and is used for the other Bugs eyes a lot.