The Basics


if you are having difficulies with shaking, from too much cafine, not enough sleep or nervousness because you havent painted much before, try linking your little fingers together. This keeps the figure relatively still in relation to your paintbrush. :wink:
For chronic shaking (my hands tend to tremble something fierce) I've found that resting my forearms against the table can help some.

Also try holding your own hand...balance your painting hand in your off hand (holding the figure). I've had some luck with that, as have some others I have heard of.

Oh, and don't be tied to black for washes. Browns, blues and other dark colors can give some wonderful (and realistic) techniques.


I'd recommend Coat 'Darmes paints myself

They make some paints for GW but their own brand pots are cheaper and they do 'starter sets' of colours for different periods