What would The Imperium do?


Just for a laugh I rolled on A Background Table for my Uber-Races Nobility

I want to know what you think The Imperium would do about someone that appears to be from A Family of Common-Born multi-billionaire Merchants flying around known space

He's got A 4,200 ton Ship build at TL 18 with half a dozen or so 1,700 ton Escorts build at TL 16 entering Known Space and treating it as A Slumming it style holiday on the scale of all of known space

But the main problem is that he's the bored out of his mind 4th son and 6th Child of The Uber-Race's King. So what would they do on 1st impressions and when the truth gets out?


Cosmic Mongoose
They would deploy a killer squadron of TL-22 Dreadnoughts and crush the young upstart in violent, bloody, but silent (it's space yanno) rage.

Then they would sweep the debris into the nearest gas giant, waiting for next uber-mensch to dare set foot in the Imperium.

Or, Strephon would awake from his nap and invite him for tea and crumpets like it was all a dream. It worked for Bobby Ewing, it should work for Strephon.