What To Buy Next. . . ?


Interested in some opinions. I'm looking over FRP Games (the little lady likes to get her White Dwarf issues from there, as it's cheaper than getting them at the gaming store up here in Canada-land) and I'm thinking of getting another Conan supplement.

So far I have the Core book, Road of Kings, Aquilonia, Hyboria's Finest, and Scrolls of Skelos (the final two I got from FRP - really great store).

I'm considering Hyboria's Fiercest, Hyboria's Fallen, Pirate Isles, or Free Companies. Not really interested (yet) in Messentia or Shadizar.

Any opinions on which of the four is better, more useful, more interesting, more enjoyable.. or what-have-you?

Currently I'm leaning towards either Hyboria's Fiercest or Free Companies. But I've heard good things about Fallen and Pirate Isles, as well. I'm quite torn.
ok...you have "finest"...so "fiercest" or "fallen" are both logical next choices (i can recommend both).

the other two options are depending on your general kind of play

"companies" is for the military / mercenary aspect and for mass combat

"pirate" is of course the "navy variant"

i'm no friend of stupid navy stuff (just my oppinion...not a comment about the quality of "pirates")....mass combat is nice....but i think more important are character concepts. "fiercest" is also full of rules about "wilderness" in every aspect. so i would buy this one.

...or across the thunder river...but that was'nt on your list :)